i didn't feel good today then i got a call from my boss and said "it wont be busy today so you dont have to come today". i was like yay. although i need to work more because i need to get used to do everything early.
oh yeah my laptop's cable is broken, and all of my battery is gone which means i cant use it unless i get a new cable. now im lucky because im living with my boyfriend and he has got his own laptop and i can use it, but if i didnt live with him and my laptop breaks, i would definetly freak out. anyway i cant use japanese right now, its quite unconvinient, like if i wanted to talk with my friends in japanese i cant. its alright if they can understand english though.
and im kinda depressed. if you are my close friends you know i'm a HUGE fan of harry potter (thats why i came to england, if i didnt know about it, i wouldnt be able to speak english at all) anyway my most favourite actor Ruper Grint is coming to japan in november for the new harry potter movie "Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows" not only him but also Bonnie Write and Evanna Lynch. it totally pisses me off, last year my best friend won a ticket of Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince japan premiere so i could go there but nobody came to japan! NOBODY! after a month or something like, Tom Felton as known as Malfoy came to japan though. but only him. now i'm in uk and i can go to london to see them in red carpet but its cost like at least £70 or more and i just started to work and i'm scared to say i need 3 days off. think about it...if they ask me why,,,i cant say "oh because of Harry Potter" . well i can say but i dont want to say. i dont know what i should do. i can camp out the day before the premiere, really really really want to see them. it will be ABOSLUTELY BRILLIANT if i can go there. i need to think something...i cant go back to japan only because of harry potter.

by the way this laptop has funny editer and can change my voice so i made it a few weird video.

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