i supposed to work this time but fortunatelly i didnt have to go because they said its not gonna be busy. and its bon fire night today so you can see beautiful fire works everywhere, i saw a few an hour ago. well i went to fish and chips shop near my house and passed restaurant i work, it wasn't busy but not quite. anyway all of my clothes that i order came today. i wish i could upload them and show you but i can't be arsed to do it. im very lazy. and i have a few good idea of silent film but i need to wait till my bloody annoying exzemas are gone. my back is so much better than before. it doesnt look like burn injured anymore. only face is still zombie, can you imagine how uncofortable to have exzema on a face. its bloody hurt everytime when you wash your face and dry very quickly, you need a cream all the time. literally ALL THE FUCKING TIME. if you go out and left cream...oh god, you can't be enjoy that day unless go back and get it. actually when i was in high school and had no exzema on my face, quite many people said to me ive got good skin so i had a confidence about it but now i just want to cry. im so sorry about always talk about exzema and i know you dont want to know. it is the only topic that i can talk long time ;(
oh yeah i dont know why but i really want a lace bra like see-through. isnt it cute? you might be able to see nipple through it but who cares. its just underwear you know, people cannot see your nipple dont worry. mines are small so i actually dont need to wear bra. but i want it. i might buy it but dont know...im not sure they have my size. hahaha
you see above pictures, i always want to do it in my room or inside the house. or maybe in the garden. i prefer inside because i hate cold...whatever. i just want to do it like just invite couple of my friends and drink alcohol, dance, sing, play guiter, eat something, cigarett if you smoke, talk and laugh. you know what i mean. i think its more like girl's dream. i'll definitly do it when i go back to japan.
今日は仕事あったけど休みになった。やっほい。でも今日の夕食がfish and chipsだったから買いに行った時に通り過ぎたら混んでもなかったけどすいてもない状態だった。そして今日はボンファイアナイト。あちらこちらで花火がまいあがってるよ。ぼーっとしてたから写真とるの忘れたけど綺麗だった。冬に花火ってところ日本と違うよね。今日なんて風強いのに花火。あとこっちではみんな家の庭でやるのね海辺でやるの禁止だからさ。でも危ないよねwガーデンとか緑たくさんなのに火ついたら大変だよとか思っちゃうけど案外平気なのかな。ジョーの家は何もせず過ごしたよ。もしかしたら明日もそのようなことがあるみたいだし、私が仕事午後までだから夜どっか行くかもだけどわからない。彼はものすごい悲しがってたんだよね今日うちが仕事あったことにたいして、一緒にみにいけたねーなんてでも雨だったkらどっちにしろいけなかったんだけど。どうやら近くの遊園地で花火大会らしきものがあるみたいだから明日。いけたらいいけどね。そしてうちが注文してた服とか届いたから載せようとしたけどめんどくさくてやめた。


  1. やっほー、湿疹たいへんだよね。私も最近ずっと変なやっすい金色の鎖のネックレスしてたら、最初は良かったんだけど、塗装が剥がれてきて首のところが金属アレルギーみたいになっちゃって、、。ムカつく!

  2. あたしはニキビが出てきて毎日の楽しいが半減してる。