hi, December :)

(about this video, its not short film, its just normal kinda home video haha. i really hope some of you will notice that i do something like buster keaton in this film. enjoy it.)

finally its December and 24days to christmas. woohoo. i went to work today and they told me its closed because of too much snow. yeah snow everywhere, very thick, i think it definetly has 30cm at least...and tonight is gonna be very heavy snow. i have a work tomorrow,,,it might happen same thing like today. "Closed". anyway luckly i was off so i really enjoyed to play with snow, made a video, and snowman. and thats snow is nealy same hight as me. if im off tomorrow then i will make kamakura (small iglol). but i hope i can work because i need money for christmas and boxing day haha. do you think online shop do sale on boxing day. i really dont know about it. anyway its bloody freezing outside and even inside, so im wearing 3 long sleeves and using a fan. but i dont want to use a fan long time, it makes my bloody senstive skin dry and itchy. i was wondering what would happen if english people use kotatsu(a small table with an electric heater underneath). i bet they would be more lazy, wouldn't be able to get out from it. even japanese people cant get out, and be lazy. who can win anyway? haha i used to study in kotasu when i was a high school student and you know what happend...just fell a sleep as usual.
oh yeah and ive been looking forward to going 'Lincoln Christmas market' and it has been cancelled because of the weather. uuh. everybody told me that this christmas market is brilliant and i was really excited about it. ohhh snow snow snow...i love you snow..but sometimes you are too much.

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