i want it.

i really want to get a tatoo of deathly hallows mark. its absolutely brilliant and i'll do it one day. but the thing is...i dont know where should i get it, i really want it on my arm but im working so i cant, well maybe i can because i can hide it with plaster or something. or back of ears,,,its more safe i think but you cant see it if i dont show it haha. i want to show it if i get it. anyway i need to wait unitl my bloody exzema is gone you know. *sigh* by the way i found brilliant idea to protect from scrach, just covered all over my face by bandage. it...works a bit but i still scrach my face and get scar so i bought gloves today. i really hope it works.
oh yeah i watched the movie called "Children of man" with my boyfriend, it was quite sad film but really good. anyway all i want to say is i didnt know this director before i watch it but i just realized this films camera work was very similar with one movie during i watch it.....and i though "it might be him" then BINGOOOOOOO!!!! it was him. Alfonso Cuarón whoes director of Azkaban :) wheeeey harry potter power. when the credit came out, i was like "OH YES I KNEW IT!!!!" and my boyfriend was like :-O. i really like when kinda that thing happen to me because it makes me feel like a genius. hehe

Deathly hallowsのマークのタトゥーがほしくて仕方ないの。でもどこにいれようか迷う。日本に帰ってからのことを考えるとめんどくさいんだよなこれが。日本ってまだタトゥー入ってる人みると、「わあ、この人タトゥーいれてる!」ってびっくりする人多いでしょ?それに仕事だってみつけずらそう。まあ隠せばどうにかなるのかな。今もレストランで働いてるからなー。ファンデーションとか上からつければ平気かしら。とりあえずあたいの湿疹が消えないかぎりなんもできないんだけどね。

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  1. tatoo良いよね i want it too.
    でも my parents doesn't want me to do it.
    but you know I REALLY want it...首とか手首、指の間とかにね。cuz that's so cute.

    tatoo無理って言われてるから、鼻とへそにピアスするって言った :) yay