my normal face looks sad or angry

people often say to me my normal face looks sad or angry. and i noticed about it today when i was making a video haha. they are right, i look like angry. but i dont want them to misunderstand because im completely fine, i mean even though my face looks angry, im not angry...its just because of my eyebrow and mouth. and im not good at smiling at all. when i was working at supermarket in japan, some of the customer complain about my face, they said im not smile at all, i look angry, and bad attitude, brah brah brah. i was like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? because i was smiling! and i never had a bad attitude because i know i really hate it when someone is angry at me. what do they expect anyway? im just a casher. do they want me to say "sir, you are so beautiful today" with big smile even if they're not? i remember once old guy was shouting at colleague, he said "you gave plastic bag to person who was standing front of me, but you didnt give me that fucking plastic bag!" so i looked at his hand and realized that he just bought tiny snack box! its just bloody tiny box! its not even 10cm. he was shouting for like 30 mins and he also said to this supermarket's owner "you should sack her, she is useless". can you believe it? there are so many crazy people in japan well maybe not only japan but they only care about themself like they often said "HURRY UP! I NEED TO BE QUICK" even it has bloody long queue. they never understand that we always try to do it fast you know...anyway why am i talking about this shit now? sorry if todays post makes you uncomfortable. but i have a special thing for you, you can laugh because im terrible terrible at singing. so if you want to laugh, click here :)
来年になるまできっと忙しくてウクレレ練習する時間なさそうだったから無理やり今日つくってみたけど無理やりすぎちゃった。実はi miss japanese foodっていうクレイジーなソングつくってたんだけどちょうどカメラの充電きれちゃってできなかったからこれはまた今度にする。本当にクレイジーなんだよ。ぜひみせてあげたかった。でも他の作ったから、見たかったらこちらをどうぞ。なんて歌が下手なんだって笑えるとおもうから。知ってる人は知ってる曲だよー。あえて言わないでおくけど。しかしあたしはvolume twoよりoneのほうが好きです。それでは。

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  1. あんらま〜 めっちゃいい声してはる〜!うちもウクレレ頑張ろ。笑