i hope you guys are not on the santa's naugty list. because i might be.

like i said on the previous post, have a good christmas. don't be miserable and ruin your christmas like i did today on eve and it was horrible and i dont know why i did that ( i always do that). miserable sucks. just smile like buddy the elf.

anyway if you need to spend your christmas alone, ill be with you in somewhere in your mind...which sounds a bit creepy. if you need weird noisy BGM, here is christmas song i covered if you need it although i know that nobody needs it. id rather listen classic christmas song.

Let it snow
Baby it's cold outside
Rocking around the christmas tree
Santa Claus is coming to town
or weird karaoke with me?

have a holly jolly Christmas.みんなメリークリスマス。スマイルを忘れずにね。
PS: Dear Santa Claus, all i want for christmas is just my dog's health back. seriously. i need your help Santa, could you bring some miracle medicine from north pole?

welome to my weird winter wonderland.

hope you like it.



i got this lovely "book worm" t-shirt from PinDippy. don't tell me you dont know about PinDippy yet. but just in case if you dont know about it,,,ill tell you shortly.
Jessie cave who is known as Lavender Brown in Harry Potter series, she created this production called "PinDippy",she is an artist and making really funny short films. she has really unique style and i absolutely love it. she inspired me a lot but i cant make any good short film like her obviously. anyway ill show you some of her films and some harry potter co-star appears in, you might recognize them if you are huge fan of harry potter.


christmas decoration everywhere.

I've been posting only video lately and I am going to post another uke video today. sorry if you don't like it, I'm more like movie person than just photos. anyway is everything alright for you guys? I've been looking for another job, it is really hard because I'm not looking for just normal job, it's different like you need to be a beautiful. yes beautiful, you can guess what it is. i'm not beautiful nor pretty at all, but i really want to try it again, i used to be in that job and I've done only 2 and it was horrible, i didn't know how to show myself, i didn't even like fashion, i was incredibly ugly in inside/outside of myself which is why i didn't have a confidence. i am still kinda that person who is always complain about myself but i know how to show myself so ill just try it as much as i can....and i don't want to work with uncomfortable black suits. it must be horrible unless you enjoy to do it. sounds very spoiled girl but i'm not. well I'm just hoping that i can tell you happy nice news one day.
by the way my dog has another problem again which makes me so depressed, i found a probably 2 or 3cm lump under her ear so need to take her to vet again to make sure its not cancer. if its a cancer, i would be...i dont know, i wouldn't be able to focus on my work, life everything. she is old (9y/o). i only can think about negative way. well ill find what it is tomorrow anyway. hope its not bad lump.

today's video
Baby, it's cold outside (ukulele cover) by me and me


december craziness

well...hope you enjoy it.



i wish i could have these tree in my room although its impossible. but id like to have a plant in my room if they have any space. i went to town today where ive never been before it was actually really nice to go out and see new town. i went there in early morning so i couldnt see any christmas decoration but i could imagine that town would be so beautiful in night time. its quite famous place and there are so many expensive boutique shop, beautiful models were walking around with their book. you need to be rich to go there i guess. anyway ive started christmas shopping, i really cannot wait but also i dont want christmas to come so early just because i just love it too much and will definitely miss it after it finish.
ive just remember that i was just working really hard a year ago of this time with christmas earrings. in small restaurant with full of christmas decoration and christmas song which made me feel so great to work all the time even it was hard.
oh christmas you make me feel so bloody brilliant.




whoes got this lovely mouth?

my dog. her tiny little teeth are just really cute. and very looks like an ewok from star wars.


fish in the sky.

i got bitten by my dog and it looks heart mark which is sweet isnt it? she probably meant to gave me her love...although it hurts.


let it snow let it snow let it snow.

i miss snow very much and i dont think i can see beautiful powder snow in where i live but im still hoping that it will be snow in this winter.
i've just started put fan in my room, is it too early you think? well my room is so simple like when its hot it will be massively hot in my room more than out side, and if its cold, it will change to a refrigerator. honestly i got heatstroke when i came back from england. just because my room was too hot and didnt drink water enough which made me sick quite long time. anyway this week i covered "Let it snow" by dean martin. i would say dean martin, bing crosby, frank sinatra, they are god of the christmas song. so great. is let it snow christmas song? it doesnt say christmas in lyrics at all. well sounds christmassy...
so who loves classic christmas love comedy film "Love actually"? im thinking to cover "christmas is all around" by billy mack whose played by bill knighy. i love that song. it always makes me giggle. and....guys,,,if you are checking my blog, leave me a comment please, dont be shy. i wont bite you. anything is alright.
もうすぐクリスマスということでまたまたカバーソング。let it snow。これ案外難しくて自分には、silver bellsにしようとしたんだけどこれ歌ってたらテンションあがってきたからこれ。それにビデオとってたらチベが逃げ出しておもしろいとおもって。うちの下手な歌声をよく理解してるからね彼女。あとみんな恥ずかしがらずにコメント残してくれたらうれしいなー。なんでもいいから。噛まないしなんでもいいんだよ。聞きたいことありゃ聞いていいし、まあそんなのないか。とりあえず楽しんでくれたらうれしいです。


me and chibe

we got our hair cut although chibe's hair cut was much more expensive than mine. she is lucky. i have no money because of her. you cant really see my hair but i do look like a boy than before.


video diary and christmas song cover on my guitar.

my very first christmas cover song in this year and i will upload more in soon.
hope you enjoy it.楽しんでね。



I haven't really write a blog for such a long time, my life is just now completely boring, do the same things everyday like everybody which makes me depressed. i tried to write something many times but i just couldn't because hadn't have any topic. all i can write about is just complain and its not fun at all, just making me feel more miserable and depressed. but this is my diary and ive got loads things to complain so just let me write about it, its fine if you don't want to read this.

okay i've been working as everybody and have been busy, my job isn't fun job at all, i think only a few people can get fun job. anyway there is a woman who i'm really struggling with, she has been working at there like really long time so i can say she is kinda boss. i thought she was nice when i met her first time. and then after a few times to worked with her, i found her very repulsive. and its not like she bullied me or anything. the way she say something is sometimes a bit mean. i dont even think she ever realize how she hurt someone the way she say. of course i do everything what she asks me to do. thats my job. but every single time she complain about what i did after i'm all done. like, she wanted me to take some pictures so i did but she didnt like it and said "i didnt want you to JUST take a picture that way, i wanted to that way blah blah blah". just take a picture? what? i know how to take a picture for heaven's sake plus why the fuck didn't she tell how then? and also she wanted me to edit pictures, and i thought i knew how to edit pictures because ive done kinda things a loads of times and i thought i knew it more than her, but you know what she said. "god, its too dark. i didnt like it, i just wanted you to change the brightness". okay so why didn't she just do it herself then? she is a kind of person who wants to do everything with her own way. i do not have any luck of work. i know that there are many people like her in this world, and many of them probably worse than her. but i just cant stand it sometimes. i wont quit though...at least need to keep this until this year. how unfair this world is. how unfair. there were so many places to chose to work but why did they choose me to work this fucking stressful place.
thats it.

i still can keep working just because i know christmas is coming soon. i absolutely love christmas. cant wait. cant wait to upload some christmas song on my uke or guitar. im practicing quite hard, i can play it but not singing. its difficult. ive got quite long holiday so i will be able to be happy that time. and forget every bullshit. GREAT. SO FUCKING GREAT...isnt it?


new boots.

from Cheap Monday. isn't it gorgeous?



dear diary

how can i get rid off this frustraion?

masturbate? well its not satisfiable is it?



it is already October, which means Christmas is coming in two month. i havent play ukulele, guitar for ages and ill probably start upload in December because i just love christmas song so much. classic very classic christmas song.
i made a vlog and said about lately and what i bought so if you are bored as hell and nothing to do, you can waste your time to watch this. id recommend you to use earphone when you watch it otherwise you cant hear anything.


new shoes

new shoes
finally my new shoes has just arrived. i ordered this a month ago. i nearly thought they cheated me or something. anyway yes, i got it and like it. its all black colour by the way. isnt it nice? its not that comfortable to walk surprisingly but it will probably fine if i put on socks.
and very good news, my lovely sister chibe can get out from the hospital in a few days.
i finally can smell her popcorn feet. do you want to smell it?

she seems very fine.

the doctor told me that i can bring her back around 8th October. everytime when i see her, i always want to cry because she is barking and sounds like "please let me get out from here!". i would like it but i cannot until her scar gets better. she is normally very quiet. apparently she is only bark when she see me, thats what doctor told me. anyway i cant wait to go for a walk with her again. she is my everything.
anyway have anybody seen the movie named "The Jane Austen Book Club"? i really wanted to see it and i finally watched it tonight, it was great, brilliant. and it makes me want to do the same thing in real life, but the thing is i dont have kinda that friend who read jane austen book. they probably have seen the "movie" but not the book. does anybody wants to do this with me? that would be brilliant. i dont read all of her book though, some of them but need to read it again. so who wants to join me?


got a cat eye

i wish i could be a cat and sleep forever, do nothing. anyway hello, it has been a while, i have been super busy.
My dog's operation did go well, she is fine, thank you very much for your wishing. i am super happy right now, but she needs to stay about 2 weeks in the hospital so very sad. i want to hug her, kiss her and smell her popcorn legs. anyway no matter how busy i am, i gotta see her everyday. its going to be super easy for me, because i still need to take care of one more thing which is secret so i cant tell.
and i have got a job finally, and work as receptionist right now at some english school so i can use english to work which is super good to me. but there are loads of things to remember (im terrible at remember stuff) and my brain is really small so it will take a time but im hoping that i will get used to it quickly. and i got a new hair style again, well i just got more short hair than before but you cant really tell,,,my mum told me its exactly the same as before, but i dont think so. it is shorter. anyway i think im going to keep this short hair for a while, well you can understand if you have/had a short hair before/now, you cant be botherd to grow your hair can you? and its just super easy to shampoo. sometimes i dont use conditioner at all because it makes my hair more messy which is good to me.
off to bed. good night. (sorry about talking about me all the time, i dont have anything to talk. well its my blog, who cares)


its so good

to being in my house, lay down on my lovely comfy bed with my dog, just look at a ceiling, make my mind completely empty, listening to harry potter soundtrack "severus and lily" and relax. that's musuc always makes me cry. ill probably go to cinema to watch harry potter again and need to cry really hard otherwise ill explode soon. good night.

from my bed

thesedays i wake up before 6am and go to bed before 10,11pm, sounds very healthy life style but the thing is when i wake up too early, i have nothing special to do except go for a walk with my dog so basically i take a nap again after eat some lunch until 5,6 pm . is it healthy? i know its not good to sleep too long. well ill be busy soon i guess. i start to work today and kinda feel weird, i was keep thinking that if that job wont fit me, what if i get bully or something, i know sounds very stupid, i havent work in japan so long and have never work as kinda office job before thats why i cant get rid off this stupid mind from my head. and also what if earthquake happens and nobody in my house, then what will happen to my dog. anyway i just hope eveyrthing is going to be fine. i hardly can stop when i start to worry about everything, it just bothers me quite long time, and cant focus on something i need to do.
god, life isnt sweet at all. i dont even know what am i talking about. its just im in kinda depressed term right now.


more photos in my flickr.


get high with us?

lets get high with us and singing together with my lovely ukulele, and you can use my guitar. chibe is going to sing with her best friend rabbit.
...i have never mention this before but my lovely sister/dog is going to have an operation on 22nd because she has to get rid off all of her left side of mammary gland tumor otherwise it will get bad. i am just really nervous about whole things, she isnt young. but well all i can do at this moment is just wish her luck. so can you please wish her luck with me please on 22nd? if you are checking this blog, please please please wish her luck. please.


you really got a hold on me.

this is the very first time to play my "own" guitar in a video. my fingers are dead, can't play anymore anyway i coverd "you really got a hold on me" by she and him with sanfrancisco t-shirt which miri gave me, they are quite many artist covered this song but original is from The Miracles (i love this band's name) it took me long time to record it because my Nikon camera didn't work and it got really hot for some reason so i just stopped to use it and tried to record it with photobooth instead and it made my voice more terrible so please excuse it.
i hope you enjoy this. oh and i finally got a stapler for my zine although i just staple quite badly so i am so sorry if you get bad one. ill send you in...a week, i've got a few important things to do so just let me do that first. its just my life is now getting bad, if its only me then i dont mind but people very close to me. im not going to tell you because its private. well i just really hope everything is going to be ALRIGHT.



my very first zine.

so yes I've just finished making this and it was really fun than i expected, i always thought its really difficult to make a zine for some reason because i am not good at drawing, but it doesn't matte does it? i completely forgot that I've got a lovely typewriter so i was like yes finally i can make some. i am going to copy them tomorrow at my dads place, he will probably hate that i come to his working place but yeah why should i care about this :) i'll give you this if you want but the thing is it isn't that good zine at all, so if you don't mind about it then just let me know in my comment.
i am going to warn you again, if you expect some beautiful perfect zine, then this is not for you.


make up tutorial

trust me, you are going to be so lovely.


john and yoko

i think this photo (top one) looks like John and Yoko. very peaceful.


tokyo, yokohama, kamakura

so as i said in last post i went to tokyo to visit my lovely friends who i met in internet although we've known each other for a really long time like 3,4 years ? or more and we often talk in Skype so i didn't feel nervous to meet them at all. it was like meeting my old friends :) anyway we went to the sea which was brilliant, but i should have brought my swim suits then i could have swim more easily. i was kinda swam in normal t-shirt and shorts. and took many pictures which made me a bit annoyed because i don't know which one should i upload. and yes when we made a short films, we planned it for a long time but it became more like a mini gig in front of the camera which was really fun. but at that time we made a short films, we were very tired because we've been out all day but yeah we could make good film. me and my friends actually stayed awake until 4am to finish edit that video. we're very strong. girl power. yes.
anyway i had a great time.


2 new short films.

hello, I've just back from my friends house and had a brilliant time with them . i also made a very short film, and i have a loads things to write about it but too tired to do that right now so I'm just going to show you 2 new short films first.
1: Rabbit - it isn't good quality nor story but i just made this for fun. and you will be surprise about how my dog can actually act really well. her acting deserves an oscar i guess.

2: Here come the girls - this one is me and my friends MIRI and NOZY made together. we really didn't act at all but did ukulele and guitar session in the end. we actually supposed to play another song and had just decided to play this song like 1 or 2 hours before we made this so didn't have enough time to practice but i think we done quite well. anyway i will write more about this later.


walk with my dog Chibe

this is just a test so its not interesting. iMovie is completely different with windows. and I've been using windows since i was a little so its just bloody difficult. but i can say iMovie is super better than movie maker. oh yes.
by the way I've been ill for almost 2weeks. it was just a fever first and its gone but my body is still bloody hot for some reason and feel really heavy like i am carrying somebody on my body. i don't think its just "lazy". something definitely wrong inside my body. i supposed to meet my lovely friends miri and nozy tomorrow but i need to go to the doctors . when i went to pharmacy today and they said it could be Hyperthermia. if so i would very understand why. my room had been really hot last 2 weeks like it was actually hotter than outside, i haven't got air conditioner in my room and also i needed to be in there because i was ill so its make sense. anyway yeah i hope nothing wrong with me.

red red red.

ive just got this lovely red check pattern shirt at Uniqlo. ah i love uniqlo so much. cheap, really good quality, and you can use it long time. very nice.




ive just got curly hair at hair salon. what do you think? ah its good to be back to curly because my hair is always straight and i really didnt like it. and realized how japanese hair salon is good. its just too good.



finally i got my own acoustic guitar. isnt it lovely? it was only about 80quid (10000yen)including capo, 3picks, proper guitar case, how to play book, 6another strings, electronic tuner. its just really good for 80 quid! its amazing. i really didnt like that rainbow stripe thing but i like it now because its not that bright rainbow. and all of my left fingers are dead now. i can't play it anymore. i just practiced too much and realized how ukulele strings are soft.
i love it.


my hair has just exploded

hello guys, ive been so ill almost for a week. i hate being ill in summer because its not easy to get rid off that bloody fever you know. and paracetamol just doesnt work at all. argh


Chibe is in space.

i thought chibe with elizabeth color looks like an astronaut for some reason so i made as if she was in the space although i don't have proper photo editer so it doesn't look that good :)
i should have taken her with white backgroud to be honest. because flower + space looks too much i guess.


it was quite busy day today and ridiculously hot.

what i wore today.

frist here is my new summer dress and very comfortable retro sandal from asos. that dress was like £10. how cheap it was :) and that sandal was also like 20? im not sure anyway i absolutely love it, isnt it just ace? i havent post my clothes for ages just because i am not fashionable at all but you can slightly close to be a fashionable when you get these kinda dress. its super easy and comfortable.
its so weird to see my legs in these photos because i don't have that thin legs in real. i didnt edit of course its just when you change your photo angle a bit then you can be skinny than your actual body. funny isnt it? or my mum is just good at take a photo. actually my hat and leather backpack in this pics are from her. and that hat was quite old like she used to wear it quite often before i was born. Classic lovely retro hat :) i just love to being with my mum together. we can talk everything including about sex. very open. and i think it is really nice thing.
oh yeah i said ive been busy all day today on the above title, yes i was, went to mobile phone shop because my phone has been really funny when i only try to connect internet like i can open browser but i cannot type anything nor press the botton to jump a page. i though my phone was broken or something but it wasn't. it was so easy to fix that problem so thats fine and my mum got her smart phone although i doubt she will ever be able to understand how to use. she didn't even know how to use a computer mouse like when she tried to use it, she was just holding mouse up in the air and said "anna this mouse doesnt work at all!" i was like oh my god. and ofcourse i told her she need to move that mouse on a desk, not in the air. charming mum. anyway and afterthat i went to the doctors to show my bloody red skin and got right medicine and guess what that doctor said to me..."get rid off your nose piercing, you've got a nice face, why dont you need to wear it? ear piercing is alright but not on face, thats what depressing people do. and yeah dont get anymore tattoo" i was just laughed and said "yea ill think about it". well he is actually really good doctor and ive known him since i was a little but it was just funny :) thats what old typical japanese people think about tattoo and body piercing. they dont like it but well i dont mind. thats what they think and i don't think like that. i just couldnt stop laughing though.
and then afterthat i took my dog to the vets because her legs has been a bit weird and i was really worring about it. well it wasnt serious but i need to stop her to lick and bite her legs. and i got elizabeth color (neck thing) but she always try to get rid off it so i just took it off as soon as we got house. i need to keep eye on her. oh yeah really funny thing happend on our way to go our house. we called taxi because it was rainy and thunder and obviously my dog's legs were wet and japanese taxi is quite clean and it has got very white seat cover on the seats...yes you can guess what happend now can't you? me and my mum tried not to her go on the seats but it failed and her feets print everywhere. we were like oh my god but the taxi driver didnt say anything but laughed. of course we gave him a bit of cleaning fee like £5. and he said "ah you don't have to but thank you very much". we were lucky he was a good man.
anyway yeah i havent been that busy for longtime since i came back so i feel quite good right now :)
ずっと洋服アップしてなかったけどこれは今日届いたばかりのニューなのでご紹介。カワイイでしょ。着心地がすごくよくて少しタイトだから大食いできないけどでも胸がいつもよりあるように見えて嬉しい。元気なカラーだし。こういうのもってなかったから、それにこういうのあると、お洒落じゃなくてもそのように見えるしいいよね。あとサンダルも二つあわせて3000円くらいでもう一つnight out用のドレス的なの買ったけど、そこまでゴージャスじゃないからもうちょっと涼しくなった着れるかな。ずっとレースだけどでもミニでスケータードレスっていうのがほしくて見つけてセールで。やっぱりネットはすげいって思いました。帽子とレザーの小さいバックパックはママからので帽子はママが私を生む前から持ってた古くてカワイイレトロもの。ちょっと大きいから風邪ふくと飛んでいくけどね。レザーバッグはなんだかブランド物みたいだけどママの友達がママにあげて、それを使わんからっていわれて使ってんけどもともとブランド系のものは好きじゃなかったけど、そう見えんし、なんたってカメラはいるしNIKONの。それに軽いので楽です。んで今日は結構良い日で、忙しいかったよ久しぶりに。携帯電話がおかしかったから直しにいって、それからママはスマートフォンに変えたから大変でいろんな人に電話かけちゃって。操作の仕方しらんくてね。ただでさえパソコンの使い方がわからずにマウスを空中に浮かして”あんなこれ壊れてるんじゃないかしら”って言った人だからね。少し天然なの。まあそこがままらしいけど。それで病院いって皮膚みてもらってまた赤黒くなってイギリスにいたころのがでてきちゃって、ちゃんと薬もらったし、治せたらいいなあ早くなんて思ってます。それおえてチベを病院つれていって、チベの脚最近変で、ナメる癖がついちゃって痛痒いみたいでかみながらナメルから腫れてきちゃって後ろとかとくに。んでエリザベスカラーもらったんだけどチベ大嫌いでこう突進してとろうとするからとっちゃったけど常に目を光らせておかなくてはならなくなりました。でもあとは健康みたいだけど胸のしこりが何個あってまだ大きくはないから様子みてくださいと言われてなんだか不安になりました。帰り道はタクシー使ったんだけど(犬はタクシーにのれるんだね!)雨ふってて雷もなってて、当然チベの脚はびしょぬれで、ほら日本のタクシーってシートに白いシートかぶせてあるからがんばってのぼらせないようにしたんだけど失敗。もうチベの足がただらけになっちゃって。汚くなったのでクリーニング代にと500円ぐらいよぶんに渡したら「ええいいのにーでもありがとさんね」っていわれてああ人って思ったり。久しぶりに忙しかったよ:)でもなんか気分がいいね。達成感ある(なんのかわからないけどさ)。9月までには仕事をみつけることが次の課題だけど難しいだろうなー。まあやればできるか。


where is my creative mind gone?


did you steal it? did you steal it from my tiny little brain. okay i need to protect my head more stronger then nobody can steal it cant they?
yes i am very bored. bored as fucking hell.


you know i'm no good

new uke video. yep i was playing Amy Winehouse on ukulele and i really enjoyed it because ive never heard of her songs before (i know she was famous wasnt she?). and all of her songs are quite jazzy and i totally love it. R.I.P Amy Winehouse.
anyway i hope you enjoy it.


my mum and dad.

my mum was very very beautiful...well not "was". "is" :)

little annie

when i cleaned my room the otherday i found these pictures :) i was very cute when i was very little. i dont know whats happen to my right now. although when i was a little, every my family said i was very ugly so i am going to be beautiful when i grow up. well i really hope so. :)