alright, so this is what you wanted to see?

i just found out that a few people visit to my blog by serched "いっぱいおっぱい(means many boobies but sounds kinda similar when you say it in japanese Ippai(many)Oppai(boobies)." last week only 2 people came with that word and this week 6 people came to my blog. im just wondering you wanted to see some porn pictures? if so, im sorry, this blog is not for porn darling. well they are obviously japanese so, ここにエロ目的でたどりついたならもっと簡単におっぱいって検索するべきだよ. actually i have no idea why all men loves boobies. its just...boobies you know. and you used to drink a milk from your mums. is it because of soft? or shape? well of course big brest is better than small, and i wish mines(same size as ellen page) could grow up more like at least C. anyway i dont want to talk about this. lets chage to another topic shall we?
right i might upload another uke video in 3days and definitly play the beatles song. i keep forgetting to do it. because there songs are quite difficult to sing for me. but ill do it. i know you already fed up with my uke video. isnt it terrible? but i love to play hehe. im not going to stop upload it unless my uke is broken. and i have a really good idea about music video. im going to play uke and some weird simple acting. but i wont tell you now. i just wish my editing software works smoothly with that idea. i want Mac actually because Mac's editing software (is it call Imovie? ) looks super better than "movie maker". god movie maker....its alright if you want to very simple editing. because its super easy. anyway im off 3days, going to enjoy with my uke. oh i need to go out and get sunlight with my boyfriend. we both hasnt get beautiful sunlight for...dont know 3days or something? well im working so i can see it but not joey. he definitely needs the sunlight i guess.
まただけど3日以内に多分またウクレレビデオをアップするかも。今度こそビートルズするよ。案外歌うの難しくてやってなかったんだけど(Regina Spektorとか逆にやりやすくて)多分男の人がやってる曲と女の人がやってる曲をやるのって結構違いがでてくるよねどのトーンでいけばいいかと、そんな感じで。でもまあi am the walurs作るときにとても良いおもしろいアイディアがあるからうちの編集ソフトがスムーズにそうやって動いてくれたら作るね。歌って簡単なお芝居も。芝居って言うかなんていうかw見ればわかるか。とりあえずできたらいいな。それではさよなら。

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  1. これで余計にそのワードでの訪問者増えるかもね、笑