maybe this is nightmare for you

i made another ukulele video. but its not good at all because i choosed norah jones song. i know its difficult but i really love her song and wanted to try it. actually i supposed to upload "black hole" by she and him but couldnt sing well than that. i know this is terrible but other one was more terrible than this. i really wish i could sing.
i am really sorry if you love norah jones. i did my best but this is all i can do for now. anyway at least you might be able to laugh so enjoy it;)
新たにいろいろ歌ってみたけどしっくりくるのこれしかなくて、これでも十分音痴すぎるんだけど。she and himの歌は時々難しくなるから(うちにとって)ブラックホール挑戦したけどものすごい爆笑のできになっちゃって。自分でみて爆笑しちゃったからこっちにした。まあこっちでも笑えるけど。これが今の限界です。もともと苦手だからね歌は。音楽のクラスいつもよくなかったし。よく歌えるねなんて思うでしょ。うん楽しいんだよ。楽しけりゃなんでもいいのようちは。あーリゾット食べたい。今はまってるんだよね。

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