spicy cigar


to be honest i dont remeber some of the part yesterday and worried about only i got drunk. i just rememer that i kept to talk to people who stood by me. i bet they didnt understand any word i said. i smashed glasses, fell down from stairs and kicked joes leg, and went to bed quite early. and in all of pictures my face looks like totally monster. well i hadnt have an aclohole for ages and drunk a lot yesterday so my brain couldnt follow it then i got drunk, i nomally never get drunk so im now quite embarrased myself now haha. but i had really good time so i shouldnt be embarrased! and we smoked cigar yesterday, like after finish count down, "5,4,3,2,1 wheeeeey! go out everybody!" then smoked. it was quite funny because everybody just smoked cigar haha. it was quite spicy, i prefer normal cigarret to be hones. when i smoked Camel in newcaslte i thought that taste like cappchino. i dont smoke though :) anyway i wish 2011 going to be more fabulous year.

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