What i bought lately.

fish tale maxi skirt (from warehouse) is AMAZING although it was a bit long for me because ive got short leg. but thats fine. first i found it in asos but it was 65 quid and i looked the original website and its in the sale for 20 quid.
that cape coat, i was going to get faux fur coat but couldnt find any good one so i just bought this and funny thing is when i wear this, i look like tuscan raider from star wars. still great isnt it? also ive bought small stuff like necklace, choker, and glasses. glasses hasnt come yet because it takes quite long time to make it. but it was super cheap. i dont even know its gonna be suitme or not. really hope it will be good on me. anway ill show you when it comes.
i realized that i used quite a lot money (because i earned a lot in last december)in this month although its only 15th now so im not going to buy anything this month....when i checked my balanse statement in my card today, i thought somebody stolen my money so i asked bank to get history but it was just me. stupid haha. actually im going to shopping with my boyfriend tomorrow. but ill try not to use money.

oh yeah have you seen "The kings speech"? i really want to see it, appearently its really good. of course its good because Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Jeffrey Rush in this film. these actors are absolutely my favourtie actors. so when i heared about this film, i was like oh my f god. i might to go to cinema and watch it if i have a time.


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