it was pretty much shit day as always. not that excellent like this gif but he makes me smile so ill just post this. i cant stop buying clothes now like ones in 2weeks. i dont know how to get rid off this bloody stress thats why i buy a lots of clothes and try to get rid of that stress. its kinda like erm,,,smoking isnt it? but this is "healthy" way haha. anyway i need to stop this otherwise i will very struggle to do packing. are there any good world delivery company? let me know if you know it.
lately most of my socks are dissapeared for no reason. where is my socks? dont they like my little lovely feet? i need it when i go to bed. are you kinda person who is wearing socks in bed? i cant sleep without it to be honest. i always find one socks not pair. where is another pair? its so mysterious....well i need to clean my room.
i just cant clean, my room is always messy. i feel so sorry for my boyfriend. because of me, his room is always messy. i am very sorry johnny.


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