little joe

its already Feburary now, i can't believe it. time passes too quickly. i feel weird that i need to think about to buy a plane ticket. that is really weird. and also ive got loads of stuff as if i grew up in here. anyway i dont want to think about go back to japan right now so ill just talk about another thing. well we finally did jam in this afternoon with joey and tommy. it was good for the very fast time. well it was obvious that we need to practice more espescially me, im going to vocal and sometimes ukulele (maybe) and realized that i cant sing without my uke. because i always sing with uke so without uke i cant feel the rythem. joey and tommy is opposite, they dont sing with guitar so they cant sing with guitar. thats funny isnt it. anyway we dont know when, but definitly going to gig before i go back to japan. we promised. im really excited about it:) whey.
photo is little joey by the way.

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