Dominic and Maria

"Documentary about an unlikely friendship between an elderly man and a goose and the man's crusade to save her home."
これ素敵だし映画なのかな?ドキュメンタリー映画?ぜひ見たい。でも絶対泣く。だってこれ見ただけで泣いたんだもん。私こういうのにすごく弱い。動物系。はとくに。んで下の動画はOk goってバンドで(うちは知らないんだけど)マリアちゃんもでてるよ。可愛いの。この公園でmusic videoつくったみたい。

by the way i died my hair purple today, well only bottom hair. but my room's light is too dark and cant see it so im going to take a picture of it tomorrow under the sun. it is purple :) just needs sunlight to see it.

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