Michael Cera is coming to japan?


apparently Michael Cera is coming to japan for the movie "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World". whoah whoah whoah, and you can buy a ticket, its only 2000 yen. what are you waiting for? just get it right now!!!!! why do always good things happen when im NOT in japan? somebody spy on me and try to make me not happy or something? im not that HUGE fan of him but i would like to see him once. just want to see him in real life. he is such a cute lovely boy isnt he? and he alway play kinda same character. ahah
by the way im going to quit my job next week. ive just decided it yesterday. im supposed to quit in april but i can't wait anymore (well i just dont want to work really) i only have 4months left, need to enjoy life more before go back. im going to tell them tomorrow and feel really really really nervous. i always hate to say "im going to quit". when i was in japan, i always said that in the phone even though i knew that was the worstest way to quit. just couldnt say that infront of them. anyway i have a loads of plans. my japanese friends are coming to my town and going to london, liverpool, everywhere. i am really excited. i feel like my england life has just beggun from now. which is good cause i might be able to show you england through a picture. oh yea not my pictures (nobody want to see it anyway). that would be great wouldn't it? Ive got loads things to do whey!
マイケルセラが日本くるんだって。いいな。いいな。いいな。いいな。有料試写会みたいだから2000円払えば会えちゃうんだよ。でもなんだってダサイよ邦題「スコット・ピルグリム VS. 邪悪な元カレ軍団」もうちょっと良いタイトルなかった?それか原題のそのままつかえばかっこよかったのに。イギリスでは既にDVDがでてるんだけど、あたし見る時間なくてみてなくて、つい最近やっとみたんだけど、うーん。面白いけどそこまで特別うぎゃーとなるわけでもなくて。でもあのチャイニーズガールは可愛いかったな。なかなか良いキャラしてて好き。あたしマイケルセラ大好きだけどそこまでヒュージュなファンでもないんだよね。でも一度でいいから生であってみたい。っていうか一緒にギターしてみたい。

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