nah nah nahs

※top (collage by nozy), down (photo by miri)

i really really really want to try to make a zine but dont know what should i write about. like my friend nozy, she is very good at making a collage and she sent me her first zine a long time ago. it was brilliant. miri is also good at drawing and it has her own style. but i havent got any sense of drawing. if i draw something, it would be like little kids draw it. no little kids can draw much better than me i guess. i am terrible at writing stuff although i used to get some award a few times in art class when i was an elementary school student, just because it wasnt perfect and a bit creepy (like i often drew an alien or UFO at that time for some reason)
anyway ill definitely make at least one zine before i go back to japan. need to think what should i write about. i usually dont write stuff but always use camera, or be in front of laptop. so this is going to be my new challenge!! uuh sounds good dosent it?

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  1. 画面開いたら自分のがでてきてびっくりした!笑