my vimeo channel

i didnt know that i can make my own vimeo channel. it looks simple and better. you can check it in here if you want to. my life is getting boring and boring and boring and boring.....
anyway i dont have much to talk so ill just post pictures from yesterday. as you can see,,,i dont have many friends.


2 new things.

1....new short hair. whey.
2....new ukulele video.
(i got my hair done after made uke video.)

everything is going really well except my skin. *sigh*


wristcutters : a love story


i didnt know about this movie at all and i decided to watch this just because i was very curious about this movie title "Wristcutters : a love story". it was brilliant. i cried a bit in the end. this whole story is just mad, crazy but absolutely brilliant. (A film set in a strange afterlife way station that has been reserved for people who have committed suicide. from imdb) apparently it is based on Etgar Keret's short story "Kneller's Happy Campers". ill definitely buy his book as soon as i finish this. and whole casts are amazing. Shannyn Sossamon, she is very beautiful and i saw her in a few film, knight's tale is her debut film. i watched this film just because i love heath ledger but when i watched it, i was like "Who is this beautiful woman!?". and the main guy Patrick Fugit, i absolutely fall in love with him. and i didnt know that he was the main boy "William Miller" in the movie Almost famous. i didnt realized it at all. he seems grew up really handsome. he actually reminds me of french actor Mathieu Amalric. dont you think? anyway if youve never seen it, go and watch it now. you never regret after you see this film.


ive got my very first tattoo today

Deathly hallows's symble. its mad! its brilliant! its fucking fantastic. finally. and i really really like it, it did hurt than i expected but it was alright haha now i want to get another tiny tattoo on my finger. but i want something relate with my lovely dog. i'll think about something. do you like it? by the way some people think "oh you might regret after a few years" but i won't! i can say i wont because harry potter is my everything. they actually changed my life. and i wouldn't be here if i didnt interested in harry potter. so GREAT! yay.
多分何人かは、後悔するんじゃないかなんて思ってるかもだけどそんなことないさ。Harry potterはあたしの人生を変えたっていっていいもので、もし出会ってなかったらイギリスにもいないし英語にも興味もたんであろう、もっててもそこまででなかろう、もしかしたらアメリカとかにいってたであろう、ジョーにもみんなにも出会わなかっただろうから。こう考えると人生ってすごい。とりあえずもうi absolutely love thisです。



joes parents took us to saltmill museum in bradford. it was nice.

this is my new fashion item..well it is bag hooker, you can hook your bag anywhere. like put this big round thing on table.
it is very usufull 'cause i alway feel ew to put my bag on floor.


its been warm in england.

joe is doing thomas tank engine face. how cute.

my dogs are hungrrrryyy!

i will give you a big hug if you know who said this title. who and what movie... haha. anyway do you have anything you want to ask me? anything? like why my face is so shit or something like that. or are there any song that you want me to play on ukulele although im not that good at it ;) if its simple and easy then ill try it for you. or hmmm well anything. you can just say hi haha...why? 'cause usually 50 or 70 people visit my blog everyday (i know its not that many) and sometimes i feel weird. so...feel free to leave me comment! feel free to just say hi! i wont bite you.


spspspspspsring is coming soon

it was beautiful weather today and i went to camera shop to develop my photos, it will be done by wednesday morning. wheeey finally. i dont remember what i took though...which is good, that makes me excited to see it. me and my boyfriend has been looking for a J2O because i wanted it and he owe me 5 quid so he was going to buy me but we couldnt find it, even we found it its 4bottle 1 set. ;( do you like J2O? do you think japan sell J2O? oh its a drink by the way. nice drink.
and what i wore today...how short my legs are.


pretty song

i made this video for my friend's birthday. This song's title is Excellent by belgian band "Sharko". it is very pretty and simple and i absolutely like it although i still cant understand some part of lyrics. anyway hope you enjoy it.
here is lyrics.
25 years ago, I was just a big tick machine*
As I lay upstairs in my room*
25 years ago I was just a bit tick and keen*
As I lay upstairs in my mouth*

I'm special, excellent
You're special, excellent
Good in bed, excellent
I'm your man, excellent


shyness is nice, shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you'd like to.

New uke video, i havent make it for ages just because im lazy and didnt know what song should i do. you can see some silly bloopers after sing. i know everybody has been worring about aftershock, tsunami and also get stress from it so hope you enjoy this video and make feel better!

and what i wore today

cant be arsed to write where did i get these. well nobody interested in it ;)


felids (ネコ科)

Oversize jumper : UO
big cat bag NEW! : UO
Skinny jeans :Uniqlo

top photo is not bird's nest, it is my hair. haha
i just realized that every clothes brand i wore today is start from "U". uuuh.
ive just got that cat bag today from urban outfitters, it was on sale. i really wanted it when it came and couldnt afford it but ive finally got it cheaper :) its nice isnt it? anyway these days my life style has been completely weird like go to bed at nearly 4am when birds start to sing and wake up like 3, 4pm....then play sims3 for like 3 hours haha. does anybody have sims?


im kinda miss my long hair

although i really wanted to cut my hair so thats alright. ill get used to it soon.yep ’I’ cut my hair. fortunatly it didnt go to crazy messy hair. ive done it well :)
it was quite hard to cut because ive got loads of hair and thick. do i look really weird with this hair?



pray for japan




synthetic nature

Oversize jumper : Urban outfitters
Gold skirt : O&O
Boots : asos




dyed my hair green...although i dyed my bottom hair purple a week ago so i was going to wait more but i couldnt wait haha so i just did it.
first i bleached my hair but i didnt want it completely blonde so just waited a short time and washed my hair then my hair colour became completely ginger. it was kinda cute so i hesitated to dye green but, well did it haha



it was beautiful day today.

Jumper : Urban outfitters
Maxi skirt : Zara


a little push


i just can't stop watching the dark knight since joe bought this dvd. of course ive got dvd in japan but i didnt bring it here. and joe has got it like a few weeks ago then suddenly my "dark knight" and "Heath Ledger" switch has just turn on again. although ive seen all of heath ledger's film. he was the most brilliant actor ever.
dont tell me you've never seen the dark knight before...even if you tell me youve never seen it, i dont believe you.


why so serious?

Shirt : vila
Socks : Joker socks
Shoes : Zara
Bag : Charity shop

this fashion is inspired by joker,...well only legs part. haha god i love this socks so much and im thinking to buy one more. but its quite difficult to find it, and even i found it, its expensive....:(
and i made another guitar video...argh i havent touch my uke for ages :( anyway its not that good but you can watch it if you want to :)



i died my bottom hair purple. its still dark purple but i think its going to be more light purple in a week. i wanted to upload joes photo too but unfortunatelly you can see water on his nose in his best photo so i wont...haha bless him.

Leather jacket : i forgot,,somewhere in japan
Beads jumper : Zara
Trousers : Zara
Boots : asos