felids (ネコ科)

Oversize jumper : UO
big cat bag NEW! : UO
Skinny jeans :Uniqlo

top photo is not bird's nest, it is my hair. haha
i just realized that every clothes brand i wore today is start from "U". uuuh.
ive just got that cat bag today from urban outfitters, it was on sale. i really wanted it when it came and couldnt afford it but ive finally got it cheaper :) its nice isnt it? anyway these days my life style has been completely weird like go to bed at nearly 4am when birds start to sing and wake up like 3, 4pm....then play sims3 for like 3 hours haha. does anybody have sims?

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  1. I am addicted to Sims 3. Best game ever hands down. Nice outfit!