ive got my very first tattoo today

Deathly hallows's symble. its mad! its brilliant! its fucking fantastic. finally. and i really really like it, it did hurt than i expected but it was alright haha now i want to get another tiny tattoo on my finger. but i want something relate with my lovely dog. i'll think about something. do you like it? by the way some people think "oh you might regret after a few years" but i won't! i can say i wont because harry potter is my everything. they actually changed my life. and i wouldn't be here if i didnt interested in harry potter. so GREAT! yay.
多分何人かは、後悔するんじゃないかなんて思ってるかもだけどそんなことないさ。Harry potterはあたしの人生を変えたっていっていいもので、もし出会ってなかったらイギリスにもいないし英語にも興味もたんであろう、もっててもそこまででなかろう、もしかしたらアメリカとかにいってたであろう、ジョーにもみんなにも出会わなかっただろうから。こう考えると人生ってすごい。とりあえずもうi absolutely love thisです。

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