ukulele, harry potter andnight out (yesterday)

firstly, did you see the trailer of Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2.it came out yesterday and i actually cried when i saw it. i was like oh my god. and now im thinking about getting another tattoo which is related to harry potter.
secondly i made a new ukulele video with harry potter t-shirt. really enjoyed to play it cause i havent make it for ages just because i dont know what song should i cover, then my friend told me about this song and i really like it, although i had never heard about this band until then.
thirdly, i went out yesterday. i didnt drink at all cause since i stop to drink alcohol becaues of ezcema, my body just dosent want it anymore. its quite annoying. anyway yeah i enjoyed it so its alright. and emma got very first tatto 2days ago and its harry potter tattoo and gorgeous. we are huge fan of harry potter. :)




what i like and what i hate on my face.

what i like and hate in my face

i was really bored so i made this. as you seei look terrible in this picture which made me wonder what part of my face i like and hate. by the way i didnt do any make up so its just completely normal naked skin which is i can tell you that i havent got awful eczema on my face anymore yay although you still can see a bit of eczema left on my neck. anyway i try to have a confidence lately because i want to be beautiful like everybody else then my skin is getting better haha. isnt it great?



i went to louth with my friends yesterday. it was really nice. it just reminds me of where i used to live. small town, small cute shop everywhere.

emma showed me my funny pictures of new years eve party. i really look drunk...well i was pretty much drunk...fell down from stars blah blah blah..




it was really nice weather today. we woke up 12pm then had brunch in the garden. i love the sun. i used to hate it though like when i was a high school student, i never wore short sleeves shirt cause i didnt want to get sunburn. i get sunburn really easily, if it goes red and hurt thats alright but mine is gone brown. anyway since i came to uk i feel really good when its nice weather. you know why...because England is always grey. well not always but most of time. or rain...or bloody windy especially where i live.
and oh yes yes yes, i didnt know there are japanese food online shop in uk. ive just found it yesterday, and you can buy NATTO in there, can you believe? i ate natto when i went to london but my body still need it. and i was wondering how should i get it then i was like oh yeah online shop. why i didnt think about that for long time. anyway i bought 3packs of natto and yakisoba (japanese fried noodles) so i can use Yakisoba in BBQ and give it to my friends. yay. im sure they like it...i hope. and i am very looking forward for joe to try Natto.


its still a bit chilly here.

i just realized how busy london is everyday. its really quiet where i live which is nice 'cause i can relax. london is really nice big city but i wouldnt want to live there, its just too busy for me. id rather live in quiet small town.
and you know what, ive got really weird habit like when i scrach my face i smell that finger. because i can smell skin or maybe eczema. haha i cant stop it since i got eczema like i can know if its normal skin or eczema. maybe its kinda my special skill although it look creepy if someone see me scrach skin and then smell that hand...ew.
what i wore yesterday.(shirt is vintage, i got in camden town:)


ive just back from london yesterday!

it was brilliant although ive already been there and saw everything. it had been such a nice weather and i got tan a bit but my face eczema is finally gone and very smooth. woohoo;) anyway my friend's flat was like you can goto big ben in 10 mins by walk so it was very convinient. and i finally could eat korean food, that was brillant. me and my friend had it for like maybe 3,4 people. and went to picnic in hyde park which was very nice. normally i dont like to get a sunburn but i didnt care at all. my body just needed the sun very much. what is my favourite in this jurney was charity gig at Hoxton bar and grilled."the cacher nine, Bo ningen and Commanechi" were played on stage. to be honest i usually dont listen kinda...dont know what type of band they are but ill say punk for now but anyway whole show was fantastic. I've met and spoken to Akiko-san who as known as drummer in the big pink and comanechi. she was really nice. i was very glad to saw her because ive been checking her blog and always thought id like to meet her once. and Bo ningen...that was creepy but its "good" creepy. i was wondering how they keep that beautiful long hair. i guess their hair is much more beautiful than womans hair. haha anyway to see japanese people doing kinda that cool thing in different country gave me courage because i want to do something like that in different country, like i came here because i wanted to learn acting even though i havent done yet. but i still learning a lots of stuff. ill definitely do gig in somewhere before go back. yeah ill play my lovely ukulele! anyway yeah i had a really great time in london. by the wayi didint go to harry potter event 'cause i was too tired to wake up at that time ;(



curry omlet.

ive just made this and ate it like 20mins ago. i think it really looks nice, what do you think? although taste was completely normal and bit too much curry haha. but omelet is the thing i always can cook best.
anyway i went to stake house yesterday again with joe and his friends. that was fantastic i love meat...i always think i want to be a vegitarian but i dont think i can be. i tried it once and failed. it was really good dinner.
and oh i didnt tell you but i am going to london tomorrow! to see my friends, and i am really excited 'cause i havent been there for ages. well of course i havent been there for ages 'cause its not close to where i live. anyway there is the harry potter dvd event at oxford street HMV on 10th and Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis, Warwick David and Natalia Tena is coming...I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO THERE and see them but according to Evanna Lynch online, "Entry for this event is wristband only, with a limited number of wristbands becoming available at 10am. Wristbands are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis and fans are limited to one per person. " available at 10am...obviously most of harry potter fan will be in there like early morning arent they? and i want to try it. but i feel like im going to faile like i know i am huge fan of harry potter like got deathly hallows tattoo a few weeks ago. i dont think i can win to here's harry potter fan haha sometimes i am very chicken. that would be great if i can get there though. ill talk about it with my friends...(the thing is my friend isnt that huge fan of harry potter. maybe she doenst even interested in it.)anyway i just hope i can get there but im very sure that i can have a great time in london. yay.

what i wore yesterday (this is new dress from asos)


this is brilliant.

this is japanese version of the office.


like a clown...

and what i wore today.