it was really nice weather today. we woke up 12pm then had brunch in the garden. i love the sun. i used to hate it though like when i was a high school student, i never wore short sleeves shirt cause i didnt want to get sunburn. i get sunburn really easily, if it goes red and hurt thats alright but mine is gone brown. anyway since i came to uk i feel really good when its nice weather. you know why...because England is always grey. well not always but most of time. or rain...or bloody windy especially where i live.
and oh yes yes yes, i didnt know there are japanese food online shop in uk. ive just found it yesterday, and you can buy NATTO in there, can you believe? i ate natto when i went to london but my body still need it. and i was wondering how should i get it then i was like oh yeah online shop. why i didnt think about that for long time. anyway i bought 3packs of natto and yakisoba (japanese fried noodles) so i can use Yakisoba in BBQ and give it to my friends. yay. im sure they like it...i hope. and i am very looking forward for joe to try Natto.

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