ukulele, harry potter andnight out (yesterday)

firstly, did you see the trailer of Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2.it came out yesterday and i actually cried when i saw it. i was like oh my god. and now im thinking about getting another tattoo which is related to harry potter.
secondly i made a new ukulele video with harry potter t-shirt. really enjoyed to play it cause i havent make it for ages just because i dont know what song should i cover, then my friend told me about this song and i really like it, although i had never heard about this band until then.
thirdly, i went out yesterday. i didnt drink at all cause since i stop to drink alcohol becaues of ezcema, my body just dosent want it anymore. its quite annoying. anyway yeah i enjoyed it so its alright. and emma got very first tatto 2days ago and its harry potter tattoo and gorgeous. we are huge fan of harry potter. :)



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