curry omlet.

ive just made this and ate it like 20mins ago. i think it really looks nice, what do you think? although taste was completely normal and bit too much curry haha. but omelet is the thing i always can cook best.
anyway i went to stake house yesterday again with joe and his friends. that was fantastic i love meat...i always think i want to be a vegitarian but i dont think i can be. i tried it once and failed. it was really good dinner.
and oh i didnt tell you but i am going to london tomorrow! to see my friends, and i am really excited 'cause i havent been there for ages. well of course i havent been there for ages 'cause its not close to where i live. anyway there is the harry potter dvd event at oxford street HMV on 10th and Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis, Warwick David and Natalia Tena is coming...I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO THERE and see them but according to Evanna Lynch online, "Entry for this event is wristband only, with a limited number of wristbands becoming available at 10am. Wristbands are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis and fans are limited to one per person. " available at 10am...obviously most of harry potter fan will be in there like early morning arent they? and i want to try it. but i feel like im going to faile like i know i am huge fan of harry potter like got deathly hallows tattoo a few weeks ago. i dont think i can win to here's harry potter fan haha sometimes i am very chicken. that would be great if i can get there though. ill talk about it with my friends...(the thing is my friend isnt that huge fan of harry potter. maybe she doenst even interested in it.)anyway i just hope i can get there but im very sure that i can have a great time in london. yay.

what i wore yesterday (this is new dress from asos)

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