i hate being bored but also hate being too busy.



there were a lots things happend recently and hadnt got time to write a blod. mostly about my silly packing stuff. its just really confuced to do everything! i hate that i really hate that. i really shoudlnt have brough a lots things when i came to uk i was really stupid anyway at least i learned it now so i would never do this again. and my boyfriend, his sisters, his family, i really want to say thank you to them because they really helped me about this, withough them, i would be completely panic and wouldnt know what to do and gone crazy although i already was a bit panic and cried. anyway we all sort it out so its gonna be alright...i hope.
and me and joey started to go to swiming pool once a week because we are massively lazy, sometimes we dont go out like a few days and being in a room all day. thats not good for body is it so we decided to go to swiming pool and it was awesome. i nearly forgot how to swim but i had so much fun. at least i can swim better than my boyfriend. oh yeah. and as you can see the little cute blonde hair baby is joey when he was a little :) how lovely he was. aha. and that photobooth stuff is quite old photo. its like a year old. we did silly face in it. thats it


  1. ごめん、これYUKIです。笑

  2. swedenいいないいな :)