lovely bracelet.

My lovely boyfriend Joseph bought this lovely jubley bracelet for my birthday present. its not only cute but also very cool. It looks quite heavy but it's not that heavy ;)
Isn't it brillaint?



i went to lincoln today with joseph. i didnt sleep at all last night because all of my body was iching and they didnt let me sleep and woke up early so i was already tired before i go to lincoln. but i enjoyed it. its a nice little city although it was rainy and windy which made me a bit pissed off. anyway i could get a pair of ethinc bracelet so im really happy, ive been looking for it really long time.
oh and there are so many little indipendent shops in lincoln and me and joseph went to quite many place and one of the place was awesome! it was kinda ethnic stone shop and when we went into that shop, cat was sitting on that stone and the owner of that shop came and say hi, when i looked at him i was like oh my god...because it was Seymour from ghost world. we didnt buy anything so we felt a bit guilty but it was seymour! he doesnt look like steve busecemi at all but he can defenitly play as seymour if he wants to. and you know shops always has paper of OPEN/CLOSE, his one was picture of brachiosaurs on it with "open". that was dead cute.
argh! and only 1day left. this is really pissing me off.


new hair (again) and new shoes.

we got hair cut today and we both got quite short hair. i really like it although i completely look like a boy if you see me right behind. anyway isnt it nice?
and my final shopping is done, ive got this brilliant Bronx boots from asos. it was 85 quid but i got it only 35 quid :) lucky.
...i really cant believe that im going to leave here in 3days. *sob*

more photos of surprise party

photo of the very top one looks really cute but also looks like a bit my funeral somehow...anyway you can see more photos in my flicr if you want to.


surprise party preview.

my boyfriend joe and his friends organized a surprise party for me last night, i didnt know about it at all and also i was very tired because we went to theme park yesterday afternoon. anyway as soon as when we got home from theme park (im going to talk about "theme park" later), we just had a bath and joey asked me to go out for a drink. and when we went to pub, i was kept saying lets go home im tired (sounds like im a bad girl but im a good good girl) but joey said give him an hour because he needs to finish his drink or something which meant joe's family and friends needed to have a time to prepare my "sorry your leaving" party. i didnt know about it at all because joe told me that party is going to be on sunday. anyway as soon as joey finished his drink, we went home and then when i opend the door..."SURPRISE!!!" i was really tired and i was thinking about bed but this really brilliant thing happend to me and i was like oh my god. then my lovely lovely friends Lizz, Emma(unfortunately she couldnt come) and guys gave me a lovely album, post card and cigar. i just couldnt stop crying. i've never had kinda surprise experience before and i was just really happy and i cant really discribe how happy i was. it was absolutely brilliant. I had a magnificent night yesterday. and i've got such a awesome friends and appreciate to my boyfriend joseph who organized everything.
more photo is coming soon.



I really do love to sleep, I can sleep anywhere and anytime. actually not anywhere, I cant sleep if I can't be comfortable and feel safe. but now I just hate to go to bed just because everytime when I wake up, it's getting closer to the day I leave and feel kinda depressed. honestly I would prefer to stay and leave forever in here if its possible and if its possible to move my dog from japan to here. anyway this is a life isnt it. its not that easy to do everything.
its nearly 4am and I need to wake up in 5 hours. me and joey and our friends going to theme park near our house. ive been really look forward to going there but the thing is its been rainy lately, and it will probably rainy tomorrow too. well not tomorrow, its today really.
you cant sleep if you think about something too much can you. its now happning to me everyday. i usually dont think about too much because im just too lazy to think. but now my brain is nealy explode for some reason. even something easy isnt easy for me right now.
well anyway i need to stop to think about it, i cant be miserable, need to enjoy left of my england life.


i just dont want to leave.


what i've been doing lately.

im now seriously considering to buy xbox 360. its really fun. i need to ask my brother because he loves to play game. the thing is xbox isnt that popular in japan...i think. well im not sure though. i used to have very fist xbox, my dad bought it for me on my (long time ago) birhtday and i didnt play it at all and sold it. anyway if my brother wants to play then i might get it. ( the reason i want it is i just want to play GTA haha)

is it a drangonfly? ive never seen that pretty blue drangonfly before. they are always red arent they? this photo taken by joey. when he found it he was like little kids. "Anna! come downstairs! i found really weird thing. wher is your camera? im gonna take a picture of it." :) aw.

this is actually supposed to be a test that how much i can put in my luggage. and i could suprisingly packed everything in it. i still have 9days so worry about clothes but im just going to leave although i literally packed everthing so its gonna be hard to find my underwear and small stuff.
and everytime i see this luggage, it just makes me sad. i dont want to leave here. i wish i could stay here more longer.

4.Ruin everything
im such a stupid bastard. i always ruin everything.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

its epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I bought lately.

socks (new look)
orande satin lipstick (Mac)
black dress left (Zara)
black dress right (New look)

i got that mac lipstick quite long time ago and forgot to show it, its really nice, i normally dont like shiny lipstick but you cant really see it and it totally matches my skin colour. i hate make up but i love lipstick. i also wanted just normal orange one but i couldnt afford it. why is Mac really expensive?! although i got it in ebay so it came with free liquid eyeliner and much cheaper :) lucky me.
...by the way in dress photos, you can see how short my legs are :) well i am asian what should i expect?


she sells sea shells.


(↑this is my favourite shell.)
i went to for a walk by the beach the other day with joey and when we were walking we started find a nice shell on the beach so we decided to collect it :) and ive made a stop motion film with these shells which isnt really look like stop motion because im not good at it. although it took me like nearly 3 hours and my back is now pretty much dead. anyway this film actually has a story but i guess nobody can understand it...but i hope you enjoy it. i think you can enjoy this jazzy music.


some kinda bizare arts by me.

toilet : the last place a man can be alone

(photos : pink and blue bath me and joey had the other day)

me and joey has been wathing british comedy called "Coupling". this is one of my favourite comedy and bought a dvd when i was in high school. i kinda forced joey to watch it then now he likes it :) and also learned a lots of quite dirty words from it. well not dirty but quite sexual words. anyway we've been wathing it 2 episodes a day. and today's title is the one of the best quote from it. basiclly story is that steve(main guy)'s toilet decorated by his girlfriend susan, and she took the lock off from toilet door and steve is really struggling about it. (his character is like he is always struggling about something) because for him, toilet is the last place a man can be alone. it is actually very true. im now living with my boyfriend and when he goes to toilet then he stays at least an hour in there. he likes to being in toilet long time. so its absolutely true. funny isnt it?
by the way ive been really weird lately and suddely i just hate everything, and even if its tiny small thing make me big stress. i really dont know why. but yeah i thought i dont need twitter anymore so i just deleted it. i was also thinking to delete my blog but i didnt. becaue this is my diary. and this is the only place i can share my idea, video, ukulele and photos everything :) it just sometimes my brain explodes for no reason. i think im just a weak person. but yeah now i am fine. and ive been busy to look for my flight ticket to japan and have decided to go to sweden and denmark. so i will go back from denmark. but the thing is i cant pay by my card for some reason. my card is weird because i only take a cash out from my bank. i cant use it from other ATM which is really annoying. anyway im just going to ask my parents. about 2 weeks left for me. i guess this also makes me nervous.
anyway i think i will be fine very soon. :)


12th already?

i havent been out for a week, my body is probably going to explode soon. johnny has been ill for a week and i took care of him so i didnt have enought time to go...well even i had i wouldnt. its been really funny weather like rainy, windy, thunder (i love thunder though). when its sunny in morning then it turns to rainy in afternoon or night time. so its better to not go out and stay in my house. lazy anna.
anyway ive been thinking what should i talk about in here but i cant think anything because im not doing anything. oh but ive bought a dress so ill show you if i receieve it. anyway photos are my dinner (chicken & serdine curry) and today's weather.


my kinda birthday party and regretted cigar(ette)

we had a party last night and i really enjoyed it. i dindt know it was actually my 'birthday' party but yeah i guess it was. my lovely friend emma, she prepared birthday cake for me and when i came back from toilet, suddenly the light turned off then all of my friends started singing birthday song for me. honestly i was nearly cried haha. i was totally surprised. if it happend last friday which was my birthday, i might have been thought 'oh something might happen for me because its my brithday today' like i might expect kinda that stuff but i didnt expect it yesterday at all because my birthday was 2days ago. anyway i am really apriciate about everything last night :)
and we smoked cigar as always (we only do this in very special occasion) and this time cigar plus cigarette. actually i really liked menthol cigarette. it was nice but i dont want to do it for a while just because everybody including me smoked like at least 4,5 cigar or cigarette. maybe more. i remember that i smoked more than 4. at that time it was competely alright to my body but i just felt really sick when i woke up and thought about cigarette. in the end of party i was pretty much drunk so i kinda dont remember what i did or what i talked about. maybe i did a very embarassing thing but who cares :) i had a really great party, i think that was one of the greatest partys ive ever had. thank you to every one of my friends. i love you all.


now i am old.

iam now 21 :)

yes i turned 21 today (3rd june). feel a bit weird...feel old...well its not that old though. anyway what i need to do this year is enjoying my life as much as i can. STOP being miserable everytime something bad happen to me. this is very important. even today i was being miserable just because when me and joey went to tesco and when we came back, i didnt have enough bus fee just becase i bought bloody miso soup so we needed to "walk" home. its not that far away from tesco but i was being miserable because i am super lazy. and because it was hot. then we were talking about in the future i will probably be fat bastard when i turn 40 or 50...i dont want to be fat bastard! so just need to keep a little excercize i guess.
and i was very glad and surprised that i got quite a lot happy birthday messeges in my facebook. i thought probably only a few people gonna say that to me but a lots people gave me sweet messeges. thank you very much :)

Garden shmuck from yesterday

it was really nice weather yesterday so we had a bbq. and i was recording everybody and then i could make a funny video :) hope you enjoy it.
...i dont even know what "Shmuck"'s means.


Tonight you belong to me

new ukulele video. i wanted to edit as if there were 2 of me singing but i failed it because of the light.you can see the invisible line...well anyway i hope you enjoy it :)

introduce my new lovely wedge shoes.

it was quite expensive so i nearly gave up to buy this but i didnt want to give up and there was only my size left so just bought it. i fell in love with it as soon as i saw this. its from urban outfitters. isnt it lovely although its slightly bigger than my feet even though i bought my size. (thats why sometimes im scared to by shoes in online shop.) but if i can put something under then it will be fine. i can be nearly 180cm when i wear this.