i went to lincoln today with joseph. i didnt sleep at all last night because all of my body was iching and they didnt let me sleep and woke up early so i was already tired before i go to lincoln. but i enjoyed it. its a nice little city although it was rainy and windy which made me a bit pissed off. anyway i could get a pair of ethinc bracelet so im really happy, ive been looking for it really long time.
oh and there are so many little indipendent shops in lincoln and me and joseph went to quite many place and one of the place was awesome! it was kinda ethnic stone shop and when we went into that shop, cat was sitting on that stone and the owner of that shop came and say hi, when i looked at him i was like oh my god...because it was Seymour from ghost world. we didnt buy anything so we felt a bit guilty but it was seymour! he doesnt look like steve busecemi at all but he can defenitly play as seymour if he wants to. and you know shops always has paper of OPEN/CLOSE, his one was picture of brachiosaurs on it with "open". that was dead cute.
argh! and only 1day left. this is really pissing me off.

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  1. 後一日なの??やばい、うちまで悲しい!


    big big love xxxxx naomi