my kinda birthday party and regretted cigar(ette)

we had a party last night and i really enjoyed it. i dindt know it was actually my 'birthday' party but yeah i guess it was. my lovely friend emma, she prepared birthday cake for me and when i came back from toilet, suddenly the light turned off then all of my friends started singing birthday song for me. honestly i was nearly cried haha. i was totally surprised. if it happend last friday which was my birthday, i might have been thought 'oh something might happen for me because its my brithday today' like i might expect kinda that stuff but i didnt expect it yesterday at all because my birthday was 2days ago. anyway i am really apriciate about everything last night :)
and we smoked cigar as always (we only do this in very special occasion) and this time cigar plus cigarette. actually i really liked menthol cigarette. it was nice but i dont want to do it for a while just because everybody including me smoked like at least 4,5 cigar or cigarette. maybe more. i remember that i smoked more than 4. at that time it was competely alright to my body but i just felt really sick when i woke up and thought about cigarette. in the end of party i was pretty much drunk so i kinda dont remember what i did or what i talked about. maybe i did a very embarassing thing but who cares :) i had a really great party, i think that was one of the greatest partys ive ever had. thank you to every one of my friends. i love you all.

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