now i am old.

iam now 21 :)

yes i turned 21 today (3rd june). feel a bit weird...feel old...well its not that old though. anyway what i need to do this year is enjoying my life as much as i can. STOP being miserable everytime something bad happen to me. this is very important. even today i was being miserable just because when me and joey went to tesco and when we came back, i didnt have enough bus fee just becase i bought bloody miso soup so we needed to "walk" home. its not that far away from tesco but i was being miserable because i am super lazy. and because it was hot. then we were talking about in the future i will probably be fat bastard when i turn 40 or 50...i dont want to be fat bastard! so just need to keep a little excercize i guess.
and i was very glad and surprised that i got quite a lot happy birthday messeges in my facebook. i thought probably only a few people gonna say that to me but a lots people gave me sweet messeges. thank you very much :)

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