I really do love to sleep, I can sleep anywhere and anytime. actually not anywhere, I cant sleep if I can't be comfortable and feel safe. but now I just hate to go to bed just because everytime when I wake up, it's getting closer to the day I leave and feel kinda depressed. honestly I would prefer to stay and leave forever in here if its possible and if its possible to move my dog from japan to here. anyway this is a life isnt it. its not that easy to do everything.
its nearly 4am and I need to wake up in 5 hours. me and joey and our friends going to theme park near our house. ive been really look forward to going there but the thing is its been rainy lately, and it will probably rainy tomorrow too. well not tomorrow, its today really.
you cant sleep if you think about something too much can you. its now happning to me everyday. i usually dont think about too much because im just too lazy to think. but now my brain is nealy explode for some reason. even something easy isnt easy for me right now.
well anyway i need to stop to think about it, i cant be miserable, need to enjoy left of my england life.

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