surprise party preview.

my boyfriend joe and his friends organized a surprise party for me last night, i didnt know about it at all and also i was very tired because we went to theme park yesterday afternoon. anyway as soon as when we got home from theme park (im going to talk about "theme park" later), we just had a bath and joey asked me to go out for a drink. and when we went to pub, i was kept saying lets go home im tired (sounds like im a bad girl but im a good good girl) but joey said give him an hour because he needs to finish his drink or something which meant joe's family and friends needed to have a time to prepare my "sorry your leaving" party. i didnt know about it at all because joe told me that party is going to be on sunday. anyway as soon as joey finished his drink, we went home and then when i opend the door..."SURPRISE!!!" i was really tired and i was thinking about bed but this really brilliant thing happend to me and i was like oh my god. then my lovely lovely friends Lizz, Emma(unfortunately she couldnt come) and guys gave me a lovely album, post card and cigar. i just couldnt stop crying. i've never had kinda surprise experience before and i was just really happy and i cant really discribe how happy i was. it was absolutely brilliant. I had a magnificent night yesterday. and i've got such a awesome friends and appreciate to my boyfriend joseph who organized everything.
more photo is coming soon.

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  1. 朝からこれ読んですごいじーんてした。4枚目の写真のジョーの顔、すごい嬉しそう!