toilet : the last place a man can be alone

(photos : pink and blue bath me and joey had the other day)

me and joey has been wathing british comedy called "Coupling". this is one of my favourite comedy and bought a dvd when i was in high school. i kinda forced joey to watch it then now he likes it :) and also learned a lots of quite dirty words from it. well not dirty but quite sexual words. anyway we've been wathing it 2 episodes a day. and today's title is the one of the best quote from it. basiclly story is that steve(main guy)'s toilet decorated by his girlfriend susan, and she took the lock off from toilet door and steve is really struggling about it. (his character is like he is always struggling about something) because for him, toilet is the last place a man can be alone. it is actually very true. im now living with my boyfriend and when he goes to toilet then he stays at least an hour in there. he likes to being in toilet long time. so its absolutely true. funny isnt it?
by the way ive been really weird lately and suddely i just hate everything, and even if its tiny small thing make me big stress. i really dont know why. but yeah i thought i dont need twitter anymore so i just deleted it. i was also thinking to delete my blog but i didnt. becaue this is my diary. and this is the only place i can share my idea, video, ukulele and photos everything :) it just sometimes my brain explodes for no reason. i think im just a weak person. but yeah now i am fine. and ive been busy to look for my flight ticket to japan and have decided to go to sweden and denmark. so i will go back from denmark. but the thing is i cant pay by my card for some reason. my card is weird because i only take a cash out from my bank. i cant use it from other ATM which is really annoying. anyway im just going to ask my parents. about 2 weeks left for me. i guess this also makes me nervous.
anyway i think i will be fine very soon. :)


  1. my boyfriend is the same way, he takes forever in the bathroom lol and those baths look really cool :>

  2. whoah :) i think every man in the world loves bathroom then,,,although i quite like to being in bathroom aha
    by the way ive just visited your blog. i love your style the way you write. thats really cool.

  3. thank you very much! i just started blogging a week ago or so,so it's cool to know my writing is liked c: