what i've been doing lately.

im now seriously considering to buy xbox 360. its really fun. i need to ask my brother because he loves to play game. the thing is xbox isnt that popular in japan...i think. well im not sure though. i used to have very fist xbox, my dad bought it for me on my (long time ago) birhtday and i didnt play it at all and sold it. anyway if my brother wants to play then i might get it. ( the reason i want it is i just want to play GTA haha)

is it a drangonfly? ive never seen that pretty blue drangonfly before. they are always red arent they? this photo taken by joey. when he found it he was like little kids. "Anna! come downstairs! i found really weird thing. wher is your camera? im gonna take a picture of it." :) aw.

this is actually supposed to be a test that how much i can put in my luggage. and i could suprisingly packed everything in it. i still have 9days so worry about clothes but im just going to leave although i literally packed everthing so its gonna be hard to find my underwear and small stuff.
and everytime i see this luggage, it just makes me sad. i dont want to leave here. i wish i could stay here more longer.

4.Ruin everything
im such a stupid bastard. i always ruin everything.

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