murmur in vlog.

hi guys, its been a bit while, anyway ive just made a vlog about lately. you can see my lovely dog in there and if you are huge harry potter fan then you probably can enjoy it. oh and i also introduced what i bought ( only a few things) so if you are interested in it then you can see it if you want to. its nearly 10mins long,, dont waste your time. aha when i made this i was talking like 20mins alone in front of my camera so it was hard to cut. and just realized that ive been talking about nothing...well as always.

and here is really funny Alan Rickman's interview about his movie Nobel son. i watched it yesterday and i abosolutely enjoyed it because he was really sexy in there even though he played an idiot.and interview! i was like just replay many times last night because its just bloody brilliant. cannot believe that he is 65 now. he is too sexy for his age isnt he?



its really difficult to sleep thesedays. even i am really tired, i just cant sleep. its like total less than 8 hours ive slept in this 3.4days. i dont know what is wrong with me. i just keep think about nothing special when i try to sleep. then my brian dont let me to sleep. well im now awake all day so ill probably feel sleepy tonight and hopefully i can sleep deeply. well ill just write what i am thinking about because maybe i feel better and will be able to sleep afterthat. its just nothing.
1. Harry Potter: since the final movie came out, my head has been empty for some reason. and also i am playing as hogwarts student in my head. it is really fun but sometimes cant sleep because of that. i just cant get rid of it.
2. Future: now i am 21, im not that young anymore so i need to do something what i really want to. otherwise time would never wait for me. and i just get old. what i need to do is just sort these things out then afther that sort about money out. everything need a bloody money which makes me really annoying.
3. Job: ive came back in here a week ago from 2years oversea's life so my brain is just confusing about everything. im probably escaping from real world right now. but need to get a job by middle of august, otherwise i can't go back to england next year.
4. My family: well they divorced and i dont mind about it at all. its just really complecated things happened to us. and my mind really cant handle everything. i just want to escape from it with my dog. well i will. i love my family though.
5. My 5 packages: BLOODY ENGLISH DELIVER COMPANY! it is completely my mistake to chosed that company. i never ever use that again. it was supposed to get japan before i came back god damn it. its been 2 month since i sent from england. luckly my boyfriend's family is sorting out about it for me right now. the thing is they told me the number i need, and when i rung japanse deliver company where england company sent to, they checked everything for me but they couldnt find any of my packages. i dont know where they sent to. i just wish that packages will get to my house safely even its really late. i just need them when its winter because all of my winter clothes in there. and bloody DVD!!!!!! my important DVD. its really annoying, they are massive wanker :)

well its not that special is it? i know why i cant sleep. because tempreture of my room is ridiculously hot. its fucking hot. how can people sleep in that hot room. ill probably be Hyperthermia soon.



my new geeky glasses

isnt it super lovely? my left eye is getting bad somehow. hmmm.


what I bought in Harry Potter shop

I'm sorry about i've been writing about only Harry Potter lately if you are not interested in it at all. anyway these are what i bought in that shop. i love Ron Weasley's box and there are Harry, Hermione and Ron so you can choose one of them or you can just buy all of them but the thing is its really expensive i just bought only Ron because i love him so much. arh i wish they had Snape's box. that would be super awesome dont you think?
by the way my brother finally watched last harry potter film and we were talking about snape really long time, he isnt that intersted in harry potter but he loves it, same as my boyfriend,,,and same as my mum :) everbody around me are just getting like harry potter finally. i was looking for tattoo shop near my house but the thing is its not popular in here (japan) like if you have big one you cant really go to beach although nobody can see it if you hide it like just wear t-shirt. and people think you are a bad person. anyway i found really good place and its really close, the only problem is cost. its bloody expensive, we need to pay 50 quid for appointmen and then if you get small size tatto it will be also about 40. but its really good place...apparently. i just need to get a job as soon as possible although i still need a rest like i want to meed my friends. so i probaly going to start to look for a job in august. i hope i can get it in some clothing shop hopefully.


hello Japan, im back...

i arrived japan yesterday and its just really hot in here, i dont think i can survive. you just dont want to go out because its too hot + humid. anyway i went to shopping today and got my new mobile phone blackberry and went to Harry Potter Goods Collection. everytime new harry potter movie came out there was always the big event like premiere of course and goods collection where you can get a lots things of harry potter. and this time i really wanted snape's wand but it was already sold out unfortunately so need to have a look online shop. and then afterthat i went to cinema to see Harry Potter 7 Part 2 again. but this time i saw it with my lovely mum. i had a really good day and im going to show you what i got in harry potter shop probably tomorrow. ive got lots things to do, clean my room, meet my friends, and playing with my lovely dovely dog. here is the pictures i took in harry potter shop and my blackberry. isnt it so cool? anyway see you later.


The last days of shooting Harry Potter

i made a vlog but somehow i couldnt upload anywhere. so i just gave up and it wasnt that fun anyway. well as i said in last post that a few great things happend to me on 13th,
1 i went to germany. i was quite surprised about it because it wasnt in my plan. my dads friends (im living with them right now somewhere in denmark) took me to Flensburg, it was nice although the weather was horrible like a winter, it was freezing and rainy. but its really nice to hear real german because i used to learn german for 2years in highschool. but i didnt understand any word they said though. i just forgot pretty much everything.

2 im not interested in football at all but japan won against sweden. yeah thats really good news. my hostfather told me about it and i was like whoah. i didnt know that japanese woman football team is quite strong. go japan.

3 YESSSSS HARRY POTTER. thats why i wanted to make a vlog, i just wanted to talk about it, anyway yes i saw it on 13th and cried really hard so i couldnt see the screen properly haha. of course they cut quite important scene but i know its difficult to put everything in one film so i understand. and i was very happy about they didnt cut snape's childhood memory. thats what i really expected to see it and it was brilliant although they cut a few obviously but still great. i just cried that scene the most. but ill defenitely see again when i back to japan and im going to see as much as i can. because this is the last one. even nobody wants to go with me, ill just go to cinema alone. i dont mind at all :)
and i was serching about cinema near from my house in japan, i found out really annoying thing which there are no 2D english version in that cinema ( i love that cinema, its close from my house and big and comfortble) there are only in 3D, how could they do this? why not in 2D? i cant understand. i really really hate dubbing movie, i always wondering how could people see stuff like that? its just weird and not real at all. and some english cant translate in japanese maybe its same as every word but they translate it and its not right. i never would want to see a dubbing movie.
anyway i already sort out which cinema shows 2D english version, although it slightly far away from my house but its going to be alright.
ah this video makes me cry everytime i see this. its just really sad.



ive just came back from cinema, yes i went to see final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part2. IT WAS AMAZING, BRILLIANT, FUCKINGTASTIC. today was the happiest day ever to me. i am going to make a video blog tomorrow and talk about this ( dont worry, im not gonna tell a story ). its just i cant help myself to make a vlog about today which quite a few great thing happend to me.
i really can't wait to everybody see it and discuss about harry potter with my friends and boyfriend :)


The story of Snape

alan rickman is amazing and severes snape is amazing and his voice is brilliant.


hm hm hm + vlog.

this vedeo is 10mins long and boring as always so i would strongly recommend you to see it when you are really bored and have nothing to do. i just started talk about harry potter and nearly went crazy in the end.



:) im very tired.


last night in sweden.

I didn't upload any photos of stockholm, ive been having a headache for some reason, i think just because the weather has been too hot for me and i was kept walking walking walking in that hot weather. (typical annie, always complain about the weather *giggle*) although i uploaded a few pictures in here so you can see there. anyway i enjoyed stockholm but to be hosnest i prefer country side more because they are always quite and peace. i really dont like croweded place, it sometime makes me feel sick. its not that i dont like stockholm, i love it but its kinda same as every city like london, tokyo, probably new york (im not sure ive never been there). but what i really like about stockholm is night time, the view from my window is so beautiful. i cant see many thing, because they are only flat front of my room but its still beautiful like the light of that flat, people's laughing, drunk singing. my room and flat is actually quite close and i can see people inside their house like they are wathing tv or something (sounds like im pervert but i am not!). its like a movie for me...well i always say "its like a movie".
anyway i am going to denmark tomorrow, and i really hope i can wake up. i actually missed breakfast 2days but tomorrow i will have it finally :) its going to be slightly long 5hours journey but thats completely fine to me because i can use internet in that train, yesssssss. i might going to watch a movie or might going to google about denmark. this time i wont lost when i get copenhagen. i was google map about my hotel in copenhagen and now i learned where it is. im not goint to use taxi anymore! i dont like using taxi in different country, because they are sometimes cheating if you are very unlucky like my case in stockholm. well i was nearly died because of too hot so i didnt really think about money aha i just wanted to get my hotel so thats fine now, at least i was compeltely safe :)
ah i can smell exzema from my face,,,im scared about they are coming back on my face, i hope not.
whoah only 4 days left to Harry Potter and the deathly hallows xD YAY.


Jag heter Anna.

i am now in Stockholm. it was really hot like japanese summer in this afternoon, i was boiling and it took me an hour to serch my hotel. why am i so terrible at reading a map. i havent take a picture of stockholm yet so ill just ow you a photo of squirrel which i found in this morning in uppsala. isnt it lovely? and also my baby toe which you wouldnt want to see it. its getting bad since i hit my baby toe to my bloody heavy suitcase 2days ago, and realized today it was bleeding inside my nail. its really paintful everytime i walk. even i walk slowly. i hate suitcase. i hate when i fit my baby toe to something, its just bloody paintful. hope its getting better but its getting more paintful.



its really beautiful day today although i am boiling right now. its just incredibly hot outside I think i got tan a bit. oh yeah i got a bysecle from hostbother's friend so i could go around this city. that was aboslutely beautiful. many clothing shop, many gardening shop and i had a proper sushi for lunch! i havent had proper sushi for ages, and it made by japanese :) that was aboslutely brilliant. and it was like 120ske for 12 pecies. so its not that bad for great quality sushi + miso soup. i was like YESSSSSSSSS finally. ah that was really really great. and im going to stockholm tomorrow, i hope the weather will be nice.



ive just made my mind that ill defenitely come back here next summer, sweden is probably one of my most favourite country. i love england so much as well though. its different type of favourite. anyway one of my hostbrother Erik showed me around farm and lake today and it was really nice to know about farm because you can see where your food you normally eat comes from. i felt a bit guitly when i saw cows and pigs because they dont know that they all going to be meat. its all going to humans stomach. i am not vegtarian so i meat eat. anyway im not going to talk about these stuff in here because i cant really explain everything. but all i want to say is its good to know where our food comes from.
and in the night time, i went to lake to swim with another hostbrother Johan but obviously i didnt have any suim suits so i was just waching but it was absolutely beautiful. its a shame that i didnt bring suim suits although i have ive got exzema so i need to wait until its gone. you can see the ground through the water. it was just like a movie. and afterthat we went to his friends house for BBQ. i had swedish pork, its really thick and very tasty. i really love it. honesly i was a bit worring about join this bbq just because i didnt know any of them and also i thought they all going to speak only swedish but i was tottaly wrong. they used english for me so we had a really nice conversation like we taught each other how different japan and sweden and japanese animation. (it is very popular in here appearenly which is very nice isnt it?) anyway i had a brilliant time with them.
i am going to leave here tomorrow and going to uppsala :) i am very excited.
you can see more photos on my flickr.


colourful buidling.

i just realized that building in sweden is so colourful. most of houses are like orange yellow, light blue, white. its just really pretty and nice.
oh yeah hostbrother told me that to go to uni is free if you are born in sweden. isnt that brilliant!? and he also told me that most of young pepole go to uni in here otherwise they cant get a job appearently....whoah. i wish i was born in sweden then i could have gone to uni haha.

I am doing very well.

Hej! i am doing very well in sweden. its always warm and very comfortable for me. i was making a vlog but i talked too long and its over 10mins so i just delete it and stop to make. anyway this is me in sweden. just playing with my lovely bracelet.



Hur mår du?
hello, im in Vårgårda, sweden right now. i arrived gothenburg airport yesterday. suprisingly its really warm and nice here. and now im living with my dad´s old friend. they´ve got farm and live in country side which is very nice, surrounded by green. its all fucking green (you can understand what i said this if you´ve seen the movie "driving lessons).
anyway they took me to Alingsås and it was really beautiful. i took many pictures but im not using my laptop right now so ill just show a few of them. Swedish is such a difficult language for me. pronunciation is much more difficult than german i think. im trying to remember easy word like hello, how are you but then next day i forget haha. well well dinner time. see you later.
....i miss my joseph *sob*.