hello Japan, im back...

i arrived japan yesterday and its just really hot in here, i dont think i can survive. you just dont want to go out because its too hot + humid. anyway i went to shopping today and got my new mobile phone blackberry and went to Harry Potter Goods Collection. everytime new harry potter movie came out there was always the big event like premiere of course and goods collection where you can get a lots things of harry potter. and this time i really wanted snape's wand but it was already sold out unfortunately so need to have a look online shop. and then afterthat i went to cinema to see Harry Potter 7 Part 2 again. but this time i saw it with my lovely mum. i had a really good day and im going to show you what i got in harry potter shop probably tomorrow. ive got lots things to do, clean my room, meet my friends, and playing with my lovely dovely dog. here is the pictures i took in harry potter shop and my blackberry. isnt it so cool? anyway see you later.

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