its really difficult to sleep thesedays. even i am really tired, i just cant sleep. its like total less than 8 hours ive slept in this 3.4days. i dont know what is wrong with me. i just keep think about nothing special when i try to sleep. then my brian dont let me to sleep. well im now awake all day so ill probably feel sleepy tonight and hopefully i can sleep deeply. well ill just write what i am thinking about because maybe i feel better and will be able to sleep afterthat. its just nothing.
1. Harry Potter: since the final movie came out, my head has been empty for some reason. and also i am playing as hogwarts student in my head. it is really fun but sometimes cant sleep because of that. i just cant get rid of it.
2. Future: now i am 21, im not that young anymore so i need to do something what i really want to. otherwise time would never wait for me. and i just get old. what i need to do is just sort these things out then afther that sort about money out. everything need a bloody money which makes me really annoying.
3. Job: ive came back in here a week ago from 2years oversea's life so my brain is just confusing about everything. im probably escaping from real world right now. but need to get a job by middle of august, otherwise i can't go back to england next year.
4. My family: well they divorced and i dont mind about it at all. its just really complecated things happened to us. and my mind really cant handle everything. i just want to escape from it with my dog. well i will. i love my family though.
5. My 5 packages: BLOODY ENGLISH DELIVER COMPANY! it is completely my mistake to chosed that company. i never ever use that again. it was supposed to get japan before i came back god damn it. its been 2 month since i sent from england. luckly my boyfriend's family is sorting out about it for me right now. the thing is they told me the number i need, and when i rung japanse deliver company where england company sent to, they checked everything for me but they couldnt find any of my packages. i dont know where they sent to. i just wish that packages will get to my house safely even its really late. i just need them when its winter because all of my winter clothes in there. and bloody DVD!!!!!! my important DVD. its really annoying, they are massive wanker :)

well its not that special is it? i know why i cant sleep. because tempreture of my room is ridiculously hot. its fucking hot. how can people sleep in that hot room. ill probably be Hyperthermia soon.


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