The last days of shooting Harry Potter

i made a vlog but somehow i couldnt upload anywhere. so i just gave up and it wasnt that fun anyway. well as i said in last post that a few great things happend to me on 13th,
1 i went to germany. i was quite surprised about it because it wasnt in my plan. my dads friends (im living with them right now somewhere in denmark) took me to Flensburg, it was nice although the weather was horrible like a winter, it was freezing and rainy. but its really nice to hear real german because i used to learn german for 2years in highschool. but i didnt understand any word they said though. i just forgot pretty much everything.

2 im not interested in football at all but japan won against sweden. yeah thats really good news. my hostfather told me about it and i was like whoah. i didnt know that japanese woman football team is quite strong. go japan.

3 YESSSSS HARRY POTTER. thats why i wanted to make a vlog, i just wanted to talk about it, anyway yes i saw it on 13th and cried really hard so i couldnt see the screen properly haha. of course they cut quite important scene but i know its difficult to put everything in one film so i understand. and i was very happy about they didnt cut snape's childhood memory. thats what i really expected to see it and it was brilliant although they cut a few obviously but still great. i just cried that scene the most. but ill defenitely see again when i back to japan and im going to see as much as i can. because this is the last one. even nobody wants to go with me, ill just go to cinema alone. i dont mind at all :)
and i was serching about cinema near from my house in japan, i found out really annoying thing which there are no 2D english version in that cinema ( i love that cinema, its close from my house and big and comfortble) there are only in 3D, how could they do this? why not in 2D? i cant understand. i really really hate dubbing movie, i always wondering how could people see stuff like that? its just weird and not real at all. and some english cant translate in japanese maybe its same as every word but they translate it and its not right. i never would want to see a dubbing movie.
anyway i already sort out which cinema shows 2D english version, although it slightly far away from my house but its going to be alright.
ah this video makes me cry everytime i see this. its just really sad.

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