last night in sweden.

I didn't upload any photos of stockholm, ive been having a headache for some reason, i think just because the weather has been too hot for me and i was kept walking walking walking in that hot weather. (typical annie, always complain about the weather *giggle*) although i uploaded a few pictures in here so you can see there. anyway i enjoyed stockholm but to be hosnest i prefer country side more because they are always quite and peace. i really dont like croweded place, it sometime makes me feel sick. its not that i dont like stockholm, i love it but its kinda same as every city like london, tokyo, probably new york (im not sure ive never been there). but what i really like about stockholm is night time, the view from my window is so beautiful. i cant see many thing, because they are only flat front of my room but its still beautiful like the light of that flat, people's laughing, drunk singing. my room and flat is actually quite close and i can see people inside their house like they are wathing tv or something (sounds like im pervert but i am not!). its like a movie for me...well i always say "its like a movie".
anyway i am going to denmark tomorrow, and i really hope i can wake up. i actually missed breakfast 2days but tomorrow i will have it finally :) its going to be slightly long 5hours journey but thats completely fine to me because i can use internet in that train, yesssssss. i might going to watch a movie or might going to google about denmark. this time i wont lost when i get copenhagen. i was google map about my hotel in copenhagen and now i learned where it is. im not goint to use taxi anymore! i dont like using taxi in different country, because they are sometimes cheating if you are very unlucky like my case in stockholm. well i was nearly died because of too hot so i didnt really think about money aha i just wanted to get my hotel so thats fine now, at least i was compeltely safe :)
ah i can smell exzema from my face,,,im scared about they are coming back on my face, i hope not.
whoah only 4 days left to Harry Potter and the deathly hallows xD YAY.

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