murmur in vlog.

hi guys, its been a bit while, anyway ive just made a vlog about lately. you can see my lovely dog in there and if you are huge harry potter fan then you probably can enjoy it. oh and i also introduced what i bought ( only a few things) so if you are interested in it then you can see it if you want to. its nearly 10mins long,, dont waste your time. aha when i made this i was talking like 20mins alone in front of my camera so it was hard to cut. and just realized that ive been talking about nothing...well as always.

and here is really funny Alan Rickman's interview about his movie Nobel son. i watched it yesterday and i abosolutely enjoyed it because he was really sexy in there even though he played an idiot.and interview! i was like just replay many times last night because its just bloody brilliant. cannot believe that he is 65 now. he is too sexy for his age isnt he?

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