ive just made my mind that ill defenitely come back here next summer, sweden is probably one of my most favourite country. i love england so much as well though. its different type of favourite. anyway one of my hostbrother Erik showed me around farm and lake today and it was really nice to know about farm because you can see where your food you normally eat comes from. i felt a bit guitly when i saw cows and pigs because they dont know that they all going to be meat. its all going to humans stomach. i am not vegtarian so i meat eat. anyway im not going to talk about these stuff in here because i cant really explain everything. but all i want to say is its good to know where our food comes from.
and in the night time, i went to lake to swim with another hostbrother Johan but obviously i didnt have any suim suits so i was just waching but it was absolutely beautiful. its a shame that i didnt bring suim suits although i have ive got exzema so i need to wait until its gone. you can see the ground through the water. it was just like a movie. and afterthat we went to his friends house for BBQ. i had swedish pork, its really thick and very tasty. i really love it. honesly i was a bit worring about join this bbq just because i didnt know any of them and also i thought they all going to speak only swedish but i was tottaly wrong. they used english for me so we had a really nice conversation like we taught each other how different japan and sweden and japanese animation. (it is very popular in here appearenly which is very nice isnt it?) anyway i had a brilliant time with them.
i am going to leave here tomorrow and going to uppsala :) i am very excited.
you can see more photos on my flickr.

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