its really beautiful day today although i am boiling right now. its just incredibly hot outside I think i got tan a bit. oh yeah i got a bysecle from hostbother's friend so i could go around this city. that was aboslutely beautiful. many clothing shop, many gardening shop and i had a proper sushi for lunch! i havent had proper sushi for ages, and it made by japanese :) that was aboslutely brilliant. and it was like 120ske for 12 pecies. so its not that bad for great quality sushi + miso soup. i was like YESSSSSSSSS finally. ah that was really really great. and im going to stockholm tomorrow, i hope the weather will be nice.

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  1. Hej! Love your pictures!! And the others I've seen. I could learn a lot from you! Good that you enjoyed the sushi-lunch. Love, Ann-Sofie