what I bought in Harry Potter shop

I'm sorry about i've been writing about only Harry Potter lately if you are not interested in it at all. anyway these are what i bought in that shop. i love Ron Weasley's box and there are Harry, Hermione and Ron so you can choose one of them or you can just buy all of them but the thing is its really expensive i just bought only Ron because i love him so much. arh i wish they had Snape's box. that would be super awesome dont you think?
by the way my brother finally watched last harry potter film and we were talking about snape really long time, he isnt that intersted in harry potter but he loves it, same as my boyfriend,,,and same as my mum :) everbody around me are just getting like harry potter finally. i was looking for tattoo shop near my house but the thing is its not popular in here (japan) like if you have big one you cant really go to beach although nobody can see it if you hide it like just wear t-shirt. and people think you are a bad person. anyway i found really good place and its really close, the only problem is cost. its bloody expensive, we need to pay 50 quid for appointmen and then if you get small size tatto it will be also about 40. but its really good place...apparently. i just need to get a job as soon as possible although i still need a rest like i want to meed my friends. so i probaly going to start to look for a job in august. i hope i can get it in some clothing shop hopefully.

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