john and yoko

i think this photo (top one) looks like John and Yoko. very peaceful.


tokyo, yokohama, kamakura

so as i said in last post i went to tokyo to visit my lovely friends who i met in internet although we've known each other for a really long time like 3,4 years ? or more and we often talk in Skype so i didn't feel nervous to meet them at all. it was like meeting my old friends :) anyway we went to the sea which was brilliant, but i should have brought my swim suits then i could have swim more easily. i was kinda swam in normal t-shirt and shorts. and took many pictures which made me a bit annoyed because i don't know which one should i upload. and yes when we made a short films, we planned it for a long time but it became more like a mini gig in front of the camera which was really fun. but at that time we made a short films, we were very tired because we've been out all day but yeah we could make good film. me and my friends actually stayed awake until 4am to finish edit that video. we're very strong. girl power. yes.
anyway i had a great time.


2 new short films.

hello, I've just back from my friends house and had a brilliant time with them . i also made a very short film, and i have a loads things to write about it but too tired to do that right now so I'm just going to show you 2 new short films first.
1: Rabbit - it isn't good quality nor story but i just made this for fun. and you will be surprise about how my dog can actually act really well. her acting deserves an oscar i guess.

2: Here come the girls - this one is me and my friends MIRI and NOZY made together. we really didn't act at all but did ukulele and guitar session in the end. we actually supposed to play another song and had just decided to play this song like 1 or 2 hours before we made this so didn't have enough time to practice but i think we done quite well. anyway i will write more about this later.


walk with my dog Chibe

this is just a test so its not interesting. iMovie is completely different with windows. and I've been using windows since i was a little so its just bloody difficult. but i can say iMovie is super better than movie maker. oh yes.
by the way I've been ill for almost 2weeks. it was just a fever first and its gone but my body is still bloody hot for some reason and feel really heavy like i am carrying somebody on my body. i don't think its just "lazy". something definitely wrong inside my body. i supposed to meet my lovely friends miri and nozy tomorrow but i need to go to the doctors . when i went to pharmacy today and they said it could be Hyperthermia. if so i would very understand why. my room had been really hot last 2 weeks like it was actually hotter than outside, i haven't got air conditioner in my room and also i needed to be in there because i was ill so its make sense. anyway yeah i hope nothing wrong with me.

red red red.

ive just got this lovely red check pattern shirt at Uniqlo. ah i love uniqlo so much. cheap, really good quality, and you can use it long time. very nice.




ive just got curly hair at hair salon. what do you think? ah its good to be back to curly because my hair is always straight and i really didnt like it. and realized how japanese hair salon is good. its just too good.



finally i got my own acoustic guitar. isnt it lovely? it was only about 80quid (10000yen)including capo, 3picks, proper guitar case, how to play book, 6another strings, electronic tuner. its just really good for 80 quid! its amazing. i really didnt like that rainbow stripe thing but i like it now because its not that bright rainbow. and all of my left fingers are dead now. i can't play it anymore. i just practiced too much and realized how ukulele strings are soft.
i love it.


my hair has just exploded

hello guys, ive been so ill almost for a week. i hate being ill in summer because its not easy to get rid off that bloody fever you know. and paracetamol just doesnt work at all. argh


Chibe is in space.

i thought chibe with elizabeth color looks like an astronaut for some reason so i made as if she was in the space although i don't have proper photo editer so it doesn't look that good :)
i should have taken her with white backgroud to be honest. because flower + space looks too much i guess.


it was quite busy day today and ridiculously hot.

what i wore today.

frist here is my new summer dress and very comfortable retro sandal from asos. that dress was like £10. how cheap it was :) and that sandal was also like 20? im not sure anyway i absolutely love it, isnt it just ace? i havent post my clothes for ages just because i am not fashionable at all but you can slightly close to be a fashionable when you get these kinda dress. its super easy and comfortable.
its so weird to see my legs in these photos because i don't have that thin legs in real. i didnt edit of course its just when you change your photo angle a bit then you can be skinny than your actual body. funny isnt it? or my mum is just good at take a photo. actually my hat and leather backpack in this pics are from her. and that hat was quite old like she used to wear it quite often before i was born. Classic lovely retro hat :) i just love to being with my mum together. we can talk everything including about sex. very open. and i think it is really nice thing.
oh yeah i said ive been busy all day today on the above title, yes i was, went to mobile phone shop because my phone has been really funny when i only try to connect internet like i can open browser but i cannot type anything nor press the botton to jump a page. i though my phone was broken or something but it wasn't. it was so easy to fix that problem so thats fine and my mum got her smart phone although i doubt she will ever be able to understand how to use. she didn't even know how to use a computer mouse like when she tried to use it, she was just holding mouse up in the air and said "anna this mouse doesnt work at all!" i was like oh my god. and ofcourse i told her she need to move that mouse on a desk, not in the air. charming mum. anyway and afterthat i went to the doctors to show my bloody red skin and got right medicine and guess what that doctor said to me..."get rid off your nose piercing, you've got a nice face, why dont you need to wear it? ear piercing is alright but not on face, thats what depressing people do. and yeah dont get anymore tattoo" i was just laughed and said "yea ill think about it". well he is actually really good doctor and ive known him since i was a little but it was just funny :) thats what old typical japanese people think about tattoo and body piercing. they dont like it but well i dont mind. thats what they think and i don't think like that. i just couldnt stop laughing though.
and then afterthat i took my dog to the vets because her legs has been a bit weird and i was really worring about it. well it wasnt serious but i need to stop her to lick and bite her legs. and i got elizabeth color (neck thing) but she always try to get rid off it so i just took it off as soon as we got house. i need to keep eye on her. oh yeah really funny thing happend on our way to go our house. we called taxi because it was rainy and thunder and obviously my dog's legs were wet and japanese taxi is quite clean and it has got very white seat cover on the seats...yes you can guess what happend now can't you? me and my mum tried not to her go on the seats but it failed and her feets print everywhere. we were like oh my god but the taxi driver didnt say anything but laughed. of course we gave him a bit of cleaning fee like £5. and he said "ah you don't have to but thank you very much". we were lucky he was a good man.
anyway yeah i havent been that busy for longtime since i came back so i feel quite good right now :)
ずっと洋服アップしてなかったけどこれは今日届いたばかりのニューなのでご紹介。カワイイでしょ。着心地がすごくよくて少しタイトだから大食いできないけどでも胸がいつもよりあるように見えて嬉しい。元気なカラーだし。こういうのもってなかったから、それにこういうのあると、お洒落じゃなくてもそのように見えるしいいよね。あとサンダルも二つあわせて3000円くらいでもう一つnight out用のドレス的なの買ったけど、そこまでゴージャスじゃないからもうちょっと涼しくなった着れるかな。ずっとレースだけどでもミニでスケータードレスっていうのがほしくて見つけてセールで。やっぱりネットはすげいって思いました。帽子とレザーの小さいバックパックはママからので帽子はママが私を生む前から持ってた古くてカワイイレトロもの。ちょっと大きいから風邪ふくと飛んでいくけどね。レザーバッグはなんだかブランド物みたいだけどママの友達がママにあげて、それを使わんからっていわれて使ってんけどもともとブランド系のものは好きじゃなかったけど、そう見えんし、なんたってカメラはいるしNIKONの。それに軽いので楽です。んで今日は結構良い日で、忙しいかったよ久しぶりに。携帯電話がおかしかったから直しにいって、それからママはスマートフォンに変えたから大変でいろんな人に電話かけちゃって。操作の仕方しらんくてね。ただでさえパソコンの使い方がわからずにマウスを空中に浮かして”あんなこれ壊れてるんじゃないかしら”って言った人だからね。少し天然なの。まあそこがままらしいけど。それで病院いって皮膚みてもらってまた赤黒くなってイギリスにいたころのがでてきちゃって、ちゃんと薬もらったし、治せたらいいなあ早くなんて思ってます。それおえてチベを病院つれていって、チベの脚最近変で、ナメる癖がついちゃって痛痒いみたいでかみながらナメルから腫れてきちゃって後ろとかとくに。んでエリザベスカラーもらったんだけどチベ大嫌いでこう突進してとろうとするからとっちゃったけど常に目を光らせておかなくてはならなくなりました。でもあとは健康みたいだけど胸のしこりが何個あってまだ大きくはないから様子みてくださいと言われてなんだか不安になりました。帰り道はタクシー使ったんだけど(犬はタクシーにのれるんだね!)雨ふってて雷もなってて、当然チベの脚はびしょぬれで、ほら日本のタクシーってシートに白いシートかぶせてあるからがんばってのぼらせないようにしたんだけど失敗。もうチベの足がただらけになっちゃって。汚くなったのでクリーニング代にと500円ぐらいよぶんに渡したら「ええいいのにーでもありがとさんね」っていわれてああ人って思ったり。久しぶりに忙しかったよ:)でもなんか気分がいいね。達成感ある(なんのかわからないけどさ)。9月までには仕事をみつけることが次の課題だけど難しいだろうなー。まあやればできるか。


where is my creative mind gone?


did you steal it? did you steal it from my tiny little brain. okay i need to protect my head more stronger then nobody can steal it cant they?
yes i am very bored. bored as fucking hell.


you know i'm no good

new uke video. yep i was playing Amy Winehouse on ukulele and i really enjoyed it because ive never heard of her songs before (i know she was famous wasnt she?). and all of her songs are quite jazzy and i totally love it. R.I.P Amy Winehouse.
anyway i hope you enjoy it.


my mum and dad.

my mum was very very beautiful...well not "was". "is" :)

little annie

when i cleaned my room the otherday i found these pictures :) i was very cute when i was very little. i dont know whats happen to my right now. although when i was a little, every my family said i was very ugly so i am going to be beautiful when i grow up. well i really hope so. :)


yesss i finally could registered Pottermore like a lots of people still try to get registered so i am very lucky. well you still have 4days so you dont have to worry even you coudlnt make it. to be honest i dont think i would be able to make it if i were in england because it was like probably about 11am in uk when they started and i always woke up after 12pm when i was in uk. and it was 8pm in japan so yeah like i said i am very lucky. you will be able to register anytime after october but that one is if you can register now then you can play earlier pottermore earlier than anybody :)
but i still need wait until the email come. i will be able to play after that email. mmmm very excited. i read in somewhere but they will probably have japanese one after october so you dont have to worry if you can't english at all. i still dont know about it though.