yesss i finally could registered Pottermore like a lots of people still try to get registered so i am very lucky. well you still have 4days so you dont have to worry even you coudlnt make it. to be honest i dont think i would be able to make it if i were in england because it was like probably about 11am in uk when they started and i always woke up after 12pm when i was in uk. and it was 8pm in japan so yeah like i said i am very lucky. you will be able to register anytime after october but that one is if you can register now then you can play earlier pottermore earlier than anybody :)
but i still need wait until the email come. i will be able to play after that email. mmmm very excited. i read in somewhere but they will probably have japanese one after october so you dont have to worry if you can't english at all. i still dont know about it though.

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