tokyo, yokohama, kamakura

so as i said in last post i went to tokyo to visit my lovely friends who i met in internet although we've known each other for a really long time like 3,4 years ? or more and we often talk in Skype so i didn't feel nervous to meet them at all. it was like meeting my old friends :) anyway we went to the sea which was brilliant, but i should have brought my swim suits then i could have swim more easily. i was kinda swam in normal t-shirt and shorts. and took many pictures which made me a bit annoyed because i don't know which one should i upload. and yes when we made a short films, we planned it for a long time but it became more like a mini gig in front of the camera which was really fun. but at that time we made a short films, we were very tired because we've been out all day but yeah we could make good film. me and my friends actually stayed awake until 4am to finish edit that video. we're very strong. girl power. yes.
anyway i had a great time.

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  1. it was like meeting my old friendsってたしかに!笑