walk with my dog Chibe

this is just a test so its not interesting. iMovie is completely different with windows. and I've been using windows since i was a little so its just bloody difficult. but i can say iMovie is super better than movie maker. oh yes.
by the way I've been ill for almost 2weeks. it was just a fever first and its gone but my body is still bloody hot for some reason and feel really heavy like i am carrying somebody on my body. i don't think its just "lazy". something definitely wrong inside my body. i supposed to meet my lovely friends miri and nozy tomorrow but i need to go to the doctors . when i went to pharmacy today and they said it could be Hyperthermia. if so i would very understand why. my room had been really hot last 2 weeks like it was actually hotter than outside, i haven't got air conditioner in my room and also i needed to be in there because i was ill so its make sense. anyway yeah i hope nothing wrong with me.

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