new shoes

new shoes
finally my new shoes has just arrived. i ordered this a month ago. i nearly thought they cheated me or something. anyway yes, i got it and like it. its all black colour by the way. isnt it nice? its not that comfortable to walk surprisingly but it will probably fine if i put on socks.
and very good news, my lovely sister chibe can get out from the hospital in a few days.
i finally can smell her popcorn feet. do you want to smell it?

she seems very fine.

the doctor told me that i can bring her back around 8th October. everytime when i see her, i always want to cry because she is barking and sounds like "please let me get out from here!". i would like it but i cannot until her scar gets better. she is normally very quiet. apparently she is only bark when she see me, thats what doctor told me. anyway i cant wait to go for a walk with her again. she is my everything.
anyway have anybody seen the movie named "The Jane Austen Book Club"? i really wanted to see it and i finally watched it tonight, it was great, brilliant. and it makes me want to do the same thing in real life, but the thing is i dont have kinda that friend who read jane austen book. they probably have seen the "movie" but not the book. does anybody wants to do this with me? that would be brilliant. i dont read all of her book though, some of them but need to read it again. so who wants to join me?


got a cat eye

i wish i could be a cat and sleep forever, do nothing. anyway hello, it has been a while, i have been super busy.
My dog's operation did go well, she is fine, thank you very much for your wishing. i am super happy right now, but she needs to stay about 2 weeks in the hospital so very sad. i want to hug her, kiss her and smell her popcorn legs. anyway no matter how busy i am, i gotta see her everyday. its going to be super easy for me, because i still need to take care of one more thing which is secret so i cant tell.
and i have got a job finally, and work as receptionist right now at some english school so i can use english to work which is super good to me. but there are loads of things to remember (im terrible at remember stuff) and my brain is really small so it will take a time but im hoping that i will get used to it quickly. and i got a new hair style again, well i just got more short hair than before but you cant really tell,,,my mum told me its exactly the same as before, but i dont think so. it is shorter. anyway i think im going to keep this short hair for a while, well you can understand if you have/had a short hair before/now, you cant be botherd to grow your hair can you? and its just super easy to shampoo. sometimes i dont use conditioner at all because it makes my hair more messy which is good to me.
off to bed. good night. (sorry about talking about me all the time, i dont have anything to talk. well its my blog, who cares)


its so good

to being in my house, lay down on my lovely comfy bed with my dog, just look at a ceiling, make my mind completely empty, listening to harry potter soundtrack "severus and lily" and relax. that's musuc always makes me cry. ill probably go to cinema to watch harry potter again and need to cry really hard otherwise ill explode soon. good night.

from my bed

thesedays i wake up before 6am and go to bed before 10,11pm, sounds very healthy life style but the thing is when i wake up too early, i have nothing special to do except go for a walk with my dog so basically i take a nap again after eat some lunch until 5,6 pm . is it healthy? i know its not good to sleep too long. well ill be busy soon i guess. i start to work today and kinda feel weird, i was keep thinking that if that job wont fit me, what if i get bully or something, i know sounds very stupid, i havent work in japan so long and have never work as kinda office job before thats why i cant get rid off this stupid mind from my head. and also what if earthquake happens and nobody in my house, then what will happen to my dog. anyway i just hope eveyrthing is going to be fine. i hardly can stop when i start to worry about everything, it just bothers me quite long time, and cant focus on something i need to do.
god, life isnt sweet at all. i dont even know what am i talking about. its just im in kinda depressed term right now.


more photos in my flickr.


get high with us?

lets get high with us and singing together with my lovely ukulele, and you can use my guitar. chibe is going to sing with her best friend rabbit.
...i have never mention this before but my lovely sister/dog is going to have an operation on 22nd because she has to get rid off all of her left side of mammary gland tumor otherwise it will get bad. i am just really nervous about whole things, she isnt young. but well all i can do at this moment is just wish her luck. so can you please wish her luck with me please on 22nd? if you are checking this blog, please please please wish her luck. please.


you really got a hold on me.

this is the very first time to play my "own" guitar in a video. my fingers are dead, can't play anymore anyway i coverd "you really got a hold on me" by she and him with sanfrancisco t-shirt which miri gave me, they are quite many artist covered this song but original is from The Miracles (i love this band's name) it took me long time to record it because my Nikon camera didn't work and it got really hot for some reason so i just stopped to use it and tried to record it with photobooth instead and it made my voice more terrible so please excuse it.
i hope you enjoy this. oh and i finally got a stapler for my zine although i just staple quite badly so i am so sorry if you get bad one. ill send you in...a week, i've got a few important things to do so just let me do that first. its just my life is now getting bad, if its only me then i dont mind but people very close to me. im not going to tell you because its private. well i just really hope everything is going to be ALRIGHT.



my very first zine.

so yes I've just finished making this and it was really fun than i expected, i always thought its really difficult to make a zine for some reason because i am not good at drawing, but it doesn't matte does it? i completely forgot that I've got a lovely typewriter so i was like yes finally i can make some. i am going to copy them tomorrow at my dads place, he will probably hate that i come to his working place but yeah why should i care about this :) i'll give you this if you want but the thing is it isn't that good zine at all, so if you don't mind about it then just let me know in my comment.
i am going to warn you again, if you expect some beautiful perfect zine, then this is not for you.


make up tutorial

trust me, you are going to be so lovely.