got a cat eye

i wish i could be a cat and sleep forever, do nothing. anyway hello, it has been a while, i have been super busy.
My dog's operation did go well, she is fine, thank you very much for your wishing. i am super happy right now, but she needs to stay about 2 weeks in the hospital so very sad. i want to hug her, kiss her and smell her popcorn legs. anyway no matter how busy i am, i gotta see her everyday. its going to be super easy for me, because i still need to take care of one more thing which is secret so i cant tell.
and i have got a job finally, and work as receptionist right now at some english school so i can use english to work which is super good to me. but there are loads of things to remember (im terrible at remember stuff) and my brain is really small so it will take a time but im hoping that i will get used to it quickly. and i got a new hair style again, well i just got more short hair than before but you cant really tell,,,my mum told me its exactly the same as before, but i dont think so. it is shorter. anyway i think im going to keep this short hair for a while, well you can understand if you have/had a short hair before/now, you cant be botherd to grow your hair can you? and its just super easy to shampoo. sometimes i dont use conditioner at all because it makes my hair more messy which is good to me.
off to bed. good night. (sorry about talking about me all the time, i dont have anything to talk. well its my blog, who cares)

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