from my bed

thesedays i wake up before 6am and go to bed before 10,11pm, sounds very healthy life style but the thing is when i wake up too early, i have nothing special to do except go for a walk with my dog so basically i take a nap again after eat some lunch until 5,6 pm . is it healthy? i know its not good to sleep too long. well ill be busy soon i guess. i start to work today and kinda feel weird, i was keep thinking that if that job wont fit me, what if i get bully or something, i know sounds very stupid, i havent work in japan so long and have never work as kinda office job before thats why i cant get rid off this stupid mind from my head. and also what if earthquake happens and nobody in my house, then what will happen to my dog. anyway i just hope eveyrthing is going to be fine. i hardly can stop when i start to worry about everything, it just bothers me quite long time, and cant focus on something i need to do.
god, life isnt sweet at all. i dont even know what am i talking about. its just im in kinda depressed term right now.

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