she seems very fine.

the doctor told me that i can bring her back around 8th October. everytime when i see her, i always want to cry because she is barking and sounds like "please let me get out from here!". i would like it but i cannot until her scar gets better. she is normally very quiet. apparently she is only bark when she see me, thats what doctor told me. anyway i cant wait to go for a walk with her again. she is my everything.
anyway have anybody seen the movie named "The Jane Austen Book Club"? i really wanted to see it and i finally watched it tonight, it was great, brilliant. and it makes me want to do the same thing in real life, but the thing is i dont have kinda that friend who read jane austen book. they probably have seen the "movie" but not the book. does anybody wants to do this with me? that would be brilliant. i dont read all of her book though, some of them but need to read it again. so who wants to join me?

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  1. you always have great inspirational photos, i get so many ideas for my painting from them!
    if you're interested, please check them out :)