you really got a hold on me.

this is the very first time to play my "own" guitar in a video. my fingers are dead, can't play anymore anyway i coverd "you really got a hold on me" by she and him with sanfrancisco t-shirt which miri gave me, they are quite many artist covered this song but original is from The Miracles (i love this band's name) it took me long time to record it because my Nikon camera didn't work and it got really hot for some reason so i just stopped to use it and tried to record it with photobooth instead and it made my voice more terrible so please excuse it.
i hope you enjoy this. oh and i finally got a stapler for my zine although i just staple quite badly so i am so sorry if you get bad one. ill send you in...a week, i've got a few important things to do so just let me do that first. its just my life is now getting bad, if its only me then i dont mind but people very close to me. im not going to tell you because its private. well i just really hope everything is going to be ALRIGHT.


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