i wish i could have these tree in my room although its impossible. but id like to have a plant in my room if they have any space. i went to town today where ive never been before it was actually really nice to go out and see new town. i went there in early morning so i couldnt see any christmas decoration but i could imagine that town would be so beautiful in night time. its quite famous place and there are so many expensive boutique shop, beautiful models were walking around with their book. you need to be rich to go there i guess. anyway ive started christmas shopping, i really cannot wait but also i dont want christmas to come so early just because i just love it too much and will definitely miss it after it finish.
ive just remember that i was just working really hard a year ago of this time with christmas earrings. in small restaurant with full of christmas decoration and christmas song which made me feel so great to work all the time even it was hard.
oh christmas you make me feel so bloody brilliant.




whoes got this lovely mouth?

my dog. her tiny little teeth are just really cute. and very looks like an ewok from star wars.


fish in the sky.

i got bitten by my dog and it looks heart mark which is sweet isnt it? she probably meant to gave me her love...although it hurts.


let it snow let it snow let it snow.

i miss snow very much and i dont think i can see beautiful powder snow in where i live but im still hoping that it will be snow in this winter.
i've just started put fan in my room, is it too early you think? well my room is so simple like when its hot it will be massively hot in my room more than out side, and if its cold, it will change to a refrigerator. honestly i got heatstroke when i came back from england. just because my room was too hot and didnt drink water enough which made me sick quite long time. anyway this week i covered "Let it snow" by dean martin. i would say dean martin, bing crosby, frank sinatra, they are god of the christmas song. so great. is let it snow christmas song? it doesnt say christmas in lyrics at all. well sounds christmassy...
so who loves classic christmas love comedy film "Love actually"? im thinking to cover "christmas is all around" by billy mack whose played by bill knighy. i love that song. it always makes me giggle. and....guys,,,if you are checking my blog, leave me a comment please, dont be shy. i wont bite you. anything is alright.
もうすぐクリスマスということでまたまたカバーソング。let it snow。これ案外難しくて自分には、silver bellsにしようとしたんだけどこれ歌ってたらテンションあがってきたからこれ。それにビデオとってたらチベが逃げ出しておもしろいとおもって。うちの下手な歌声をよく理解してるからね彼女。あとみんな恥ずかしがらずにコメント残してくれたらうれしいなー。なんでもいいから。噛まないしなんでもいいんだよ。聞きたいことありゃ聞いていいし、まあそんなのないか。とりあえず楽しんでくれたらうれしいです。


me and chibe

we got our hair cut although chibe's hair cut was much more expensive than mine. she is lucky. i have no money because of her. you cant really see my hair but i do look like a boy than before.


video diary and christmas song cover on my guitar.

my very first christmas cover song in this year and i will upload more in soon.
hope you enjoy it.楽しんでね。



I haven't really write a blog for such a long time, my life is just now completely boring, do the same things everyday like everybody which makes me depressed. i tried to write something many times but i just couldn't because hadn't have any topic. all i can write about is just complain and its not fun at all, just making me feel more miserable and depressed. but this is my diary and ive got loads things to complain so just let me write about it, its fine if you don't want to read this.

okay i've been working as everybody and have been busy, my job isn't fun job at all, i think only a few people can get fun job. anyway there is a woman who i'm really struggling with, she has been working at there like really long time so i can say she is kinda boss. i thought she was nice when i met her first time. and then after a few times to worked with her, i found her very repulsive. and its not like she bullied me or anything. the way she say something is sometimes a bit mean. i dont even think she ever realize how she hurt someone the way she say. of course i do everything what she asks me to do. thats my job. but every single time she complain about what i did after i'm all done. like, she wanted me to take some pictures so i did but she didnt like it and said "i didnt want you to JUST take a picture that way, i wanted to that way blah blah blah". just take a picture? what? i know how to take a picture for heaven's sake plus why the fuck didn't she tell how then? and also she wanted me to edit pictures, and i thought i knew how to edit pictures because ive done kinda things a loads of times and i thought i knew it more than her, but you know what she said. "god, its too dark. i didnt like it, i just wanted you to change the brightness". okay so why didn't she just do it herself then? she is a kind of person who wants to do everything with her own way. i do not have any luck of work. i know that there are many people like her in this world, and many of them probably worse than her. but i just cant stand it sometimes. i wont quit though...at least need to keep this until this year. how unfair this world is. how unfair. there were so many places to chose to work but why did they choose me to work this fucking stressful place.
thats it.

i still can keep working just because i know christmas is coming soon. i absolutely love christmas. cant wait. cant wait to upload some christmas song on my uke or guitar. im practicing quite hard, i can play it but not singing. its difficult. ive got quite long holiday so i will be able to be happy that time. and forget every bullshit. GREAT. SO FUCKING GREAT...isnt it?